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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Jun 26, 2012

21 June 2012 | Hello Captains! Welcome to another outstanding episode of Priority One! Episode 86 recorded on Thursday, June 21th, 2012 and hosted on the recently launched WARNING: This episode is over 2 hours of STO news and views! Mostly it's Al, Al and more Al! That's right, Al Rivera Joins us once again to discuss some of the current and future content coming to STO as well as your questions! Did your question get asked? In this episode's Blank of the Week, James covers 3 interesting stories from In news related to Star Trek Online, we cover Dev Blog 6 and 7, This months Foundry Challenge winners and Adrianne has plenty to say about the recent changes to the STO Forums! And before wrapping up, we'll review incoming transmissions from you -- Our listeners. But the highlight of our episode is when Star Trek Online's Lead Designer, Al "Captain Geko," Rivera, joins us to answer your burning questions! The interview is revealing and chock full of explanations! Ever wondered what the future of time gated content is? How about the Vesta class? Tune in and get an earful. Be aware that this is a 2.5 hour show, so schedule accordingly! Keep an eye on every day this week! We have a new special segment called Trek It Out on it's way, which features a special interview with some of the cast and crew of the upcoming Sci-fi series, Space Command! And we finish the week off with James and a special one on one Shipyard interview with Al Rivera! Ships, ships, ships. Klingon, Federation, Romulan, Fleet starbases, if it floats in STO, we have you covered. Join us Friday for the show! And as always, don't forget to join us LIVE on Thursdays around 5:30 PM PDT for our live broadcast, *Parental discretion is advised* ;) Check out the new Priority One Facebook Page and say hello! Also, be on the lookout for Alex's hilarious Priority One Comics and join in the misadventures of the cast and crew! Check it out here! To get the missions you are making using The Foundry featured on the show, send in the name of your mission, a brief description, and your @handle to Adrianne, Elijah, and James will personally test out your mission and give you feedback over the air. We have a call out to all Priority One fans for your ideas, bugs and tips for our new Field Notes Segment! Send an email to to submit your bugs, tips, or any idea or feature you would like to see implemented in game.