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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Oct 14, 2013

Greetings, Captains! Welcome to the 145th episode of the premier Star Trek Online podcast record live on on Thursday October 10th and published for download on Monday, October 14th at! Elijah and Tony have the conn as this week we we Trek Out one or two questionable marketing tie-ins with our beloved franchise, in STONews this week we take a look at the new Avenger-class battle cruiser, the latest Season 8 dev blogs - numbers 2 and 3 and Legacy of Romulus dev blogs 46, 47 and 48 as well as a look at the latest patch notes to and details of the Fleet Action AFK fix (finally!). Next, we put thrusters at full for this episode's Field Notes with a first Look at the new Avenger Class Battle Cruiser -- get the basics from our resident experts on how to set up the latest ship of the line. Later in the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies and review your incoming messages! Don't forget to vote for us at the 9th Annual Podcast Awards! See this post for more information! Topics Discussed: GE Is Hiring TaskRabbits to Deliver Things In Star Trek Costumes Sulu needs MOAR POWER Season 8 Dev Blog 2 Season 8 Dev Blog 3 Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog 46 Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog 47 Legacy of Romulus Dev Blog 48 Sentinel class?! Splater Studios Galaxy Class Painting Field Notes Transcript I. What makes this ship attractive? the hull? the ability to cloak or load cannons? the new console? Cloak is possibly useful for PvP (element of surprise) New console is okay, though targetable projectiles on 2m cooldown II. Variable Auto-Targeting Armament (V.A.T.A.) Creates two targetable projectiles that fire projectiles of their own. 2m cooldown. Projectiles vary based on current cruiser comm array ability If used, possibly worth investing one tactical console on kinetic III. What separates the C-Store base version from its Fleet Upgrade? Base: Access to V.A.T.A. console Fleet: Second science console, +10% base hull and shields Not a major difference in survivability, cruiser is already surprisingly sturdy Extra cosmetic option: “flat” pylons vs. upswept IV. Cruiser Communication Array Abilities a. What is the new mechanic? Area-of-effect buffs (5 km), affects teammates, carrier pets (any allied ships) b. specific run-down Command – Weapon System Efficiency Reduced energy drain on weapons Command – Shield Frequency Modulation Shield resilience Command – Strategic Maneuvering Increased turn rate and speed, diminishes over distance V. What does the load-out look like? Ensign Tactical (1) Lt. Comm. Tactical (3) Comm. Engineering (4) Lt. Science (2) Lt. Univ (2) VI. What is an Aux2Batt build? Two copies of Auxillary to Battery I, three very rare Technicians (or two VR + one Rare) Reduces cooldown of all Bridge officer powers by 30%. Two A2B usages usually brings all powers to global cooldown. Avenger Builds The Avenger Class in Action We are Live on every Thursday at 10pm ET / 7pm PT! If you’d like to join us live, during the show, Trek Radio has a built in IRC Chat client. Just click on the Community menu tab and select IRC Chat - input your desired screen name and enter! The Priority One Network is always looking for new team members that have a passion for Star Trek. Please know that all of our positions are volunteer, but we do offer a well known outlet for your work. If you have a particular skill that you believe could enhance our content, then send your contact information and experience along with a few writing samples to incoming@priorityonepodcast.