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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Apr 2, 2021

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This week on Episode 502 of Priority One: We Trek Out what ViacomCBS has planned for First Contact Day on April 5th, how the Voyager Documentary is off to a great start, and what some cities are doing to honor Leonard Nimoy. In gaming, Star Trek Online has a bunch of ships it wants you to buy while some devs showcase their works-in-progress on Twitter. Plus, learn to play tongo!

This week's Community Questions are:

CQ: Which panel did you enjoy most during Star Trek’s First Contact Day Celebrations? Other than the event, how will you be celebrating the day?

CQ: Did you back the Voyager Documentary? What perks are you excited to get? Do you plan on attending any of the premieres?

CQ: Does the Legendary KDF Captain Bundle include enough goodies and perks for you to pick it up? What other Legendary Bundles do you hope Cryptic releases in the future?

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First Contact Day 2021

April 5th, 2063. Built from the remains of old nuclear missiles, Zephram Cochrane boards his faster-than-light ship named the Phoenix and ushers in a new era of space exploration for all human-kind. But of course, this is nothing more than a fictional date set in our Star Trek multiverse. That’s ok, though: there’s no reason why we still shouldn’t celebrate it, and celebrate it we shall!

Official banner for Star Trek First Contact DayImage: has announced that on Monday, April 5th, Paramount+ will host a virtual celebration honoring and commemorating the date with exclusive panels with cast and creatives, announcements, episode marathons, and the return of the #StarTrekUnitedGives initiative. Panels featuring guest appearances by several notable and fan-favorite Star Trek personalities will start at 12pm Pacific Time. So mark your calendars because this is NOT an event you’re going to want to miss. Links to the announcement and the list of events planned for the day can be found at

Funding Goes To The Journey

The Star Trek: Voyager documentary on Indiegogo has become the most funded documentary crowdfunding campaign of all time, slipstreaming past the $1.1 million mark this week. And the 455 Films documentary on March 24 announced the name of the feature, To the Journey: Looking Back at Star Trek: Voyager. On their campaign page, the production team confirmed the Delta Quadrant documentary has reached all of its stretch goals, including remastering all Star Trek: Voyager footage in high definition and "an exclusive, never-before-seen Voyager surprise."

455 Films is the production team behind other recent Star Trek-related documentaries, including What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek Deep Space Nine, For the Love of Spock, and Chaos on the Bridge, a look at the first few seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Boston Celebrates Nimoy

Commemorating what would have been his 90th birthday, the city of Boston has heralded March 26 as Leonard Nimoy Day. It was also announced that a 20-foot “Live Long and Prosper” statue in the shape of the Vulcan salute has been commissioned and will be placed at Boston’s Museum of Science. 

Proposed Vulcan salute statue in front of the Boston Museum of ScienceImage: Boston Museum of Science via Nerdist.

Accolades for Culpepper

And lastly: before we wrap up the general headlines from the Star Trek multiverse, we want to take a moment to congratulate Hanelle Culpepper for winning the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Directing in a Drama Series for her work on Star Trek: Picard!


by Thomas Reynolds

Warriors of Legend(ary Zen Cost)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the final frontier: Klingons! Yes, the Year of Klingon is supposedly over, but like sketchy all-you-can-eat gagh, they just keep coming back up. Now the KDF’s getting the same Legendary Captain Bundle treatment the Romulans and Discovery Feds have enjoyed, boosts and all. Most of it looks the same, down to the 12,000 Zen price tag and temporary 50% discount. However buried in the contents list is the never-before-released Stasis Field Projector.  This Universal Console can "severely debilitate up to 3 nearby targets with the press of just one button!"

Image: Cryptic Studios.

The Legendary D7

Until now getting a Tier 6 D7 required either RNGesus’s blessings, or ten figures on the Exchange. Worry no more, warriors: for only 6,000-to-12,000 Zen, the KDF Captain Bundle also includes the Legendary D7 Battlecruiser! It includes the Ominous Device and Magnetometric Generator; if you’ve been waiting for this ship, you probably already have them.

Star Trek Online's Legendary D7 Battlecruiser in the Gorkon's Qo'noS One liveryImage: Cryptic Studios.

What is new is the “Shall We Not Revenge” Legendary Ship Trait. When this trait is slotted, "activating any Hull Healing Bridge Officer Ability or Intelligence Bridge Officer Ability will cause you to begin reflecting incoming damage from Energy Weapons back at your attackers as Disruptor Damage. While this reflect mode is active, additional activations of this trait will increase the percentage of reflected damage, instead of extending its duration." Finally, the Legendary D7 includes the “Gorkon’s Qo’noS One” skin seen in The Undiscovered Country (pink blood splatter sold separately).

A Klingon bleeds out in zero gravityImage: ViacomCBS via Wikipedia.

#tweetwatch: the Andromeda Stans and Inner Change

A complete, from-the-stem-bolts-on-up rework of the Andromeda-class Exploration Cruiser is coming to STO sometime soon. Our source? Thomas Marrone, Lead STO Ship/UI Artist and friend-of-the-show himself. Go to his Twitter page @thomasthecat and find in-progress screenshots and his next Twitch stream for the new model.

Speaking of reworks and twitter posts, Star Trek Online’s Environment Artist Nick Duguid is also working on some new hotness! It looks like they’re updating some Federation interiors to reflect the 2410’s and Nick shared a few “works in progress” of Federation hallways taking advantage of that amazing lighting 2.0 they introduced a few years ago.

Tongo Where No One Has To-gone Before

The Ferengi game of tongo isn’t unique to STO, having been around ever since Bashir had a change of heart. However, the poker/craps/mahjong lovechild is a central framing device for one of the game’s best missions. Therefore it’s worth Trekking out Certifiably Ingame’s 8-minute YouTube clip, explaining how to play the bafflingly capitalistic game. Or a best guess of it, since even DS9’s hoo-mon writers didn’t know what was happening at that table