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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Jul 19, 2019


This week, we #TrekOut Star Trek: Picard’s Key Art announcement. Then Levar Burton is betting on Geordie’s return, The Westmore’s continue to Trek, and David Mack gets his dream job.

In Star Trek Online and gaming news, you can now adopt your favorite furry in-game friend and Anthony reviews the latest Star Trek tabletop game, “Conflick in the Neutral Zone.” Then, Star Trek Online’s Community manager - Ambassador Kael - stops by to tease about some of the happenings going on in just three week’s time at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention!

Later, Dr. Robert Hurt provides this month’s Astrometrics Report! 

Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages! 


CQ: Did you find any spoilers, hints, or “Easter Egg’s” in the new Star Trek: Picard Key Art?


CQ: Do you plan on purchasing an STO Tribble? If so, which one?

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by Jake Morgan

“Star Trek: Picard” Key Art Revealed

The “Star Trek: Picard” team gave us a nice surprise before San Diego Comic Con and Star Trek Las Vegas - Star Trek: Picard’s Key Art!

On July 10th, the art was dropped by both Sir Patrick Stewart’s and Star Trek’s social media outlets. It features the contemplative former Captain in a long coat and high boots. His back is to the audience, though his profile is visible. He is not overlooking the beautiful vineyard and explosive sky that stands in the distance, or the wine barrels nearer, but rather he is looking down - away. But the good Captain is not alone. With him sits - A DOG! His assumedly-loyal companion is wearing a collar sporting a Starfleet Delta, which some keen eyed fans noticed looks to have “_1” on it.

Later, Star Trek’s twitter account added an animated gif that pans across the landscape, landing on the final piece of static art.

Levar Burton Expects Geordie in “Star Trek: Picard”

So we MAY be getting a “Number 1” - of sorts - in the new Picard series, but will we ever get to see the proper Next Gen cast join Sir Patrick? LeVar Burton thinks so!

Appearing at the premiere of Disney’s “The Lion King”, Burton - who played Chief Engineer Geordie LaForge - was asked by CNN about the likelihood of a TNG reunion on “Star Trek: Picard” “Each of us, I would say certainly, right? It is unreasonable to assume that he doesn't know those people anymore, or that he stopped talking to them. And if he did there's good storytelling in why

But Burton also made clear that this wasn’t “Star Trek: The Next NEXT Generation” - it was “Star Trek: Picard” “Are you gonna see all of us together, again, in a scene or episode? I don't know. There's a lot of paper that needs to be papered, before we get there.

McKenzie Westmore On “Star Trek: Picard”: “Cat’s out of the bag”

The Westmore family has made quite an impact on Star Trek, and it doesn’t look like they are done yet!

On Saturday, July 13th, McKenzie Westmore posted a time-lapsed video to her instagram feed. The video shows the 42-year-old actress, best known for her work on the NBC Soap Opera “Passions”, getting a full head cast. Accompanying the post, Westmore said “There’s such a great story to go along with how all of this came about from beginning to end but for now here’s a little peek at what I went through to transform into what @nevillepage created! More of the story to come!

I can’t express enough how great it was to be part of the Star Trek family again with @sirpatstew even if just a moment. I’ve known him for 30 years! Thank you to all involved!! #startrek #picard #comingsoon #family #excited #cantwait #transformation #saturdayvibes #saturdaymorning #actor #actorslife #moretocome #sirpatrickstewart #honored #hollywood

Westmore, who has worked as an extra and guest star on Star Trek before, said later on TwitterCats out of the bag! #StarTrekPicard

David Mack a Consultant on a Pair of Star Trek Animated Series

Prolific Star Trek author David Mack has some exciting news as well.

Mack, the author of over 30 Star Trek novels, broke the news on Twitter, saying “Now it can be told (because my agent secured me permission from the production company): I am excited to be working as a consultant on two new Star Trek animated TV series — Lower Decks, and another whose details remain classified. And that's all I can say about that. #DreamJob

Following a story that claimed Mack was in the writer’s room, the 50 year-old author clarified on TwitterIn case you see this story before it gets corrected: The headline and story are INCORRECT. I am NOT in the writers room on either animated series. I am NOT providing writing services to either show. I am an outside consultant, and my services are strictly advisory in nature.


by Anthony Cox

Bring Your Favorite STO Tribble Home Today!

Star Trek Online offers the most robust virtual Trek experience any Trekkie could want. Captain your very own Starship, interact with your favorite Trek characters, or become an award winning Tribble breeder! For the last nine years Captains in Star Trek Online have spent years breeding just right Tribble to accompany them on their away missions. Now, thanks to a new partnership with, you can bring home your favorite Tribble breed in real life. Available breeds include the Gamma Quadrant Tribble, the Radan Tribble, the Triolic Tribble, the Winter Tribble, and the Black Alert Tribble. What’s a Black Alert Tribble? Well, when you order one of these cuddly shipmates you’ll receive an in-game code for a Black Alert Tribble. Which when pet it, will give you an extra 2% run speed and an extra 3% maximum health. Leaving the Black ALert Tribble alone with the new Sauteed Shitaake food item from the Lobi store will create the new Mycelium Tribble. Petting this little guy will give you a 3% run speed boost and 5% extra maximum health. The Black Alert Tribble code is only available for PC. Trek out the show notes for a link.

The Temporal Warship Bundle

For the first time the Zen-store is getting a bundle with ships from four different factions. The Temporal Warship bundle, which is already available in the Zen-store, will include starships from the Federation, Klingon Empire, Romulan Republic, and Jem’hadar Vanguard fleets. Also, any Captain can pilot the Jem’hadar or Romulan ships. Right out of the box. No tier 6 ship mastery required. Each of these ships comes with the same console, but it will change the passive boosts depending on the faction. The starship trait is the same also, but both the name and energy type boost will change depending on faction. These ships all have a Commander-rank Temporal Operative Bridge Officer seat and are considered Temporal Operative specialized. So they will have the Molecular Reconstruction abilities. For a full list of stats and details, trek out the show notes.

Patch Notables on PC

In this week’s PC patch notes:

  • Jem’Hadar Gamma Rep armor is now available to outfit Bridge Officers.

Known Issues:

  • Firing arcs are currently not displaying when hovering over weapons icons.
  • Jem’Hadar consoles do not work with the Jem’Hadar temporal warship.

PC Events

Bonus Marks Weekend

Captains will gain bonus marks this weekend. From now until Monday, July 22nd earn 50% more reputation marks.

20% Starship Sale

PC Captains can also save 20% off ships in the Zen-store. Including fleet modules, dry dock slots, and ship upgrade tokens. The sale lasts until Monday, July 22nd.

  • Lohlunat Festival Summer Event Ends August 15th
  • July 25 - July 29: Elachi Red Alert Weekend
  • Arena of Sompek Returns as a Featured TFO Aug 1st - Aug 22nd

Console Events

Double XP Weekend

Console Captains can take advantage of a Double XP weekend. From now until Monday, July 22nd Captains on XBox and Playstation can earn 100% more skill points and expertise in game.

  •  July 25th - July 29th: Tholian Red Alert Weekend
  • Aug. 1st - Aug. 5th: Bonus Marks Weekend
  • Aug. 8th: Featured TFO Crystalline Catastrophe


Shopping on Risa

Before the summer event ends I wanted to draw attention to a few items that, if you don’t have or know about, can be really helpful. If you don’t have at least a very rare floater and power board you’re just doing Risa wrong. Not only will they help you grind out more Lohlonat Favors, but it’s just plan fun to zoom around the island in style. And on the plus side, you can also use the power board on your fleet’s Colony World. Do you need an ultra rare power board? They can really make you fast in the races, but unless you’re an expert power boarder, I find the speed of the ultra rares makes me lose more races then win. But your mileage may very. Don’t forget that there’s a new Baseball themed Tribble this year. Rumour has it feeding a Tribble a Stadium Soft Drink or a Jipper will create a Grand Slam Tribble. But I wouldn’t hit it with a baseball bat, but petting it will give you a 2.5% run speed boost and 5% melee attack damage boost. The last item I want to mention is the Kit Module Graviton Spike. This Tactical Kit module is a staple in many Tactical ground builds. When activated your next weapon attack for 20 seconds triggers additional kinetic damage with 50% shield penetration, knock backs enemies towards the center of the area of effect, and slows enemies by 50% for 5 seconds. Even if you’re not a Tactical officer, check out the other kit modules available in the Summer Event store. You may be surprised to find something useful. Also, once you have access to the Summer event store by completing the welcome project when you first get to Risa, you will always have access to the Summer Event Store in the Events Reputation tab.

Other Gaming News

Star Trek Conflick Review

In the newest tabletop offering from WizKids games, Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral Zone, players will send their ships into the neutral zone to collect dilithium, grow their fleet of starships, and earn command points to win the game. Unlock most other Star Trek boards games, this is also a dexterity game. In Star Trek: Conflick you literally flick your wooden starship tokens across the board trying to either land on a planet to collect resources or you’re trying to knock your opponents’ ship tokens off the board to gain a command point. Each player starts with either a fleet of four Federation ships or four Klingon ships. During the game you can spend your hard earned dilithium crystals on acquiring new star ships. You don’t have to stick to one faction though, you can purchase any of the four ships available. Klingon, Federation, or even non-aligned ships like Romulans or even Species 8472. The more ships you have the more flicking you can do. But aware of asteroid blocks that opponents might place to protect their ships. In a 2 or 4 player game the board will have 1 large planet in the center that gives command points and two smaller planets that will give dilithium crystals. The 3 player side has the large planet in the center, but has 3 dilithium planets. If you have any collector ships resting on any of the planets at the start of your turn you will gain one of the appropriate items. Once a player accumulates 10 Command points each other player takes a final turn and the player with the most points wins. 

The game is a nice departure from the more thinking strategic games that normally have the Star Trek theme applied to them. Instead of trying to negotiate treaties or roll dice to attack ships, you’re literally flicking your ships to attack other ships. There is something giddy and fun about the physicality of sending your starships sailing across the table into the Neutral zone, bashing into other ships, and usually flying off the other side of the board. While the game itself is fun, especially for kids as my 6-year-old quickly became a flicking expert, Star Trek fans will immediately find the cracks in immersion. First off, they advertise the Enterprise D on the box, but the only Enterprise ship disc is the Enterprise E. You’ll find your other favorite Federation and Klingon starships like the Defiant and Voyager, which makes you think the time setting for the game is late 24th century. Circa Insurrection or Nemesis. But then they also included ships like the Reliant and Qonos One. The other theme breaking is that you don’t need to stick to one faction. You may start with an all Federation or Klingon fleet, but you can purchase any available ship to add to your armada. So unless you want to sacrifice strategy for theme, you’re probably going to have an allied fleet. And it’s hard to immerse yourself in a situation where you’re knocking out your opponent's Federation ship with your own, while your Undine Bio-ship is collecting command points.

The game is solid fun. And if you can get past those seemingly minor canon flaws you should definitely head to your friendly local gaming store and pick up a copy. Star Trek: Conflick in the Neutral zone is for 2 - 4 players, suggested age range of 14 and up, and plays in about 30 - 50 minutes, depending on the number of players

Astrometrics Report