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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Sep 24, 2012

Hello Captains! Welcome to Episode 97 of Priority One recorded on Thursday, September 20th, 2012 and hosted on and now streaming live on TrekRadio.NET on Thursday nights!!! We have two great interviews with the Cryptic Dev's this week. Our resident KDF author Sargon, published a 100% Klingon focused Q&A Session with the Star Trek online Development team! He brought your questions and some of our own and attempted to get the best answers available to some long lingering Klingon questions! Qapla! Sargon, Qapla! This week on the show we have a spectacular interview with Star Trek Online Executive Producer, Dan Stahl. Dan gives us some insight into Season 7, Launch day for the Vesta, What worked in Season 6, answers listener questions and so much more! Tune in and find out if your question was answered! In this episode’s BoTW we take a look at a new NASA Skunkworks Warp Drive project! We’ll find out what happened This Week in Trek. In STO News we cover Lockboxes, Dev Blog 27, the newest Spotlight on the Foundry, and an update on STF gear from Salami Inferno! All of our open positions have been filled, or we have closed the application process, except one! We are still on the lookout for more Game, scifi/fantasy and entertainment bloggers. If you have Blog submissions, please send them to ℅ Bill! All of our positions are volunteer at the moment, none of us here at Priority One take home one single dime from our work. But the benefits are endless. We offer a well known outlet for your work and the opportunity to gain much needed experience or hone your already established experience. Additional Links: Jesse Heinig's ChipIn page, State of the Game, KDF Q&A with the Dev's Did you miss any of our great Blogs last week? Stop by this link and see for yourself! Liked this episode? Totally hated it? Leave a comment below, Contact Us using our handy web form or leave your comments on the STO Forum thread for Episode 97! If you are a Fleet Admiral and are interested in joining one of our future shows to be interviewed about your fleet, please send us an email at To get the missions you are making using The Foundry featured, send in the name of your mission, a brief description, and your @handle to You might be asked to record a video walkthrough of your mission with Priority One! We have a call out to all Priority One fans for your ideas, bugs and tips for our new Field Notes Segment! Visit this link to submit your bugs, tips, or any idea or feature you would like to see implemented in game. Enjoy the show!