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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

May 15, 2021

This week on Episode 508 of Priority One: Anson Mount updates fans on the status of #StrangeNewWorlds; Paramount+ is serious about its streaming; the mobile game Star Trek Fleet Command meets The Next Generation; and Chase Masterson joins us to talk about the Pop Culture Hero Coalition!


Edited by Thomas Reynolds

JLP In Effigy

By Elio Lleo

If you’re looking to add to your existing Star Trek collection, then you might want to #TrekOut EXO-6’s latest product. Their 1:6 scale articulated figure of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the style and uniform from Star Trek: First Contact is now available for preorder.

AKA "Mother's Day 2022." Image: EXO-6.

The figurine has over 30 points of articulation that allow you recreate some of your favorite moments from the film---with a Type II hand phaser, the TR-590 Tricorder X, or a Type 3B Phaser Rifle! So, if you’re looking to add to your collection, you can pre-order now for $20 US---but the total cost will be $189.95 + $25 US international shipping.

I'm A Doctor, Not A...Well, Yes, A Podcaster

By Cat Hough

As you might recall from a previous episode, we mentioned that Gates McFadden was getting into podcasting. Well her new podcast, Gates McFadden InvestiGates: Who Do You Think You Are? launches May 12. This is a limited podcast series where Gates invites some of her besties over for a chat. Who’s on the lineup? Well, to name a few: Jonathan Frakes, LeVar Burton, Wil Wheaton, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, John  de Lancie, Robert Picardo, Michael Westmore, Nana Visitor, Denise Crosby and more. Each show is less interview and more one-on-one intimate conversation. NacelleCast promises that InvestiGates will feature “never-before-heard stories” from the stars and creatives behind Star Trek.

While we are very excited to listen to her new podcast, we do have some unfortunate news. McFadden confirmed this week to that she will not be reprising her role as Beverly Crusher in Season Two of Star Trek: Picard, saying “I’m not in the second season. I’m sad that I’m not. Things have changed a lot on different levels. So I have no idea at this point. I’m disappointed because it would have been so much fun to just work with those people. But we’ll see. I have no idea. I wish I could tell you.”

The Vision of Trek In Gene’s Centennial Year

By Rosco McQueen

It’s the core mantra of the Vulcan philosophy, and the overall Star Trek franchise---infinite diversity in infinite combinations.  This week Rod Rodenberry reflected on the guiding principle of his father, Gene Rodenberry, who was born a century ago in 1921.  Speaking with The Credits, Rod Roddenberry spoke about his father and the future he pictured for everyone. “He took more of a humanistic or a realistic approach.  What could it be like one day? How did he see us 200, 300 years in the future? My father took the approach that we’re sort of a juvenile, child race-species right now, but we grow like any species---any life form does---and we mature. In that future, we realize it’s the diversity in idea, not just form. The fact that we are fighting over the fact that we look different now is childish. We need to be embracing the uniqueness between us because that’s how you grow.”

Rod goes on to speak about diversity being the strength of Star Trek, and how it has always been the goal of the series that “no matter what your ethnic, gender, socio-economic, religious, political background is, it should all be represented at some level on Star Trek. That’s what humanity is and needs to be. That’s what Star Trek is.”

Paramount+ Piles It On

By Rosco McQueen

In an effort to compete with other streaming services, Paramount+ is leaning into its cinema pedigree. The promise is an additional 1,000 movies added to their library, for 2,500 total titles in June. According to the Hollywood Reporter, it’s all part of ViacomCBS’s plan to counter Disney+’s catalogue of Marvel and Star Wars titles, or HBO MAX and their same-day cinema and streaming releases. CEO Bob Bakish announced the plan, as well as future exclusive titles on ViacomCBS’s first-quarter earnings conference call.  Bakish said that the new Mark Whalberg film Infinite will go straight to the on-demand service, reflecting their plans to release an original movie every week in 2022.  Bakish also told shareholders that their subscriber base grew substantially since the rebrand to Paramount+, adding 6 million global streaming subscribers to reach 36 million in its first quarter.

ViacomCBS shareholder meeting (editor's interpretation). Image: ViacomCBS.

Now, here are a few headlines that we didn’t discuss but might interest you:

  • While promoting his latest film, “The Virtuoso,” Anson Mount spoke with RadioTimes’ Paul Simpson about getting back into the Captain’s chair for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. According to Mount, although COVID protocols have required everyone to adapt, “it’s been one of the smoothest starts I think I’ve ever had in television.” Additionally, it sounds like some of the production staff have crossed over from Star Trek: Discovery, making the transition much easier.

  • Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 will be released on Blu-Ray on July 20. The four-disc collection will also include over 2 hours of special features. Nothing as to whether there will be a 4K release of a new Trek series any time soon.

  • Actor Nathan Jung, who appeared in Star Trek: The Original Series has died at the age of 74. Over the years he had roles on TV and film in The A Team, Kung Fu, Big Trouble in Little China, and the Kentucky Fried Movie. But it was Trek that helped launch his career: Jung played Ghengis Khan in the episode “The Savage Curtain” in 1969.  


Edited by Thomas Reynolds

(Say That You Remember) Fusing In September

By Cath Hough

The U.S.S. Enterprise-F, designed by Thomas Marrone will be included in the 2022 Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series by Universe Publishing. This is the first time a ship from Star Trek Online has appeared in the calendar series. Ships from TOS, TNG and DS9 are also featured and the calendar includes some ship designs and cutaway diagrams. Maybe we should start calling Thomas Mr. September? [No. - Ed.]

So much for thrusters only while in spacedock. Image: Thomas Morrone via Universe Publishing.

Also this week, our favorite environment artist Nick Duguid streamed his design and build of a 2409 Federation fusion reactor environment. This is a fascinating video: Nick walks us through his process from forming an idea to actually building an asset. It seems like we’re just watching what a day at work is like for Nick. The video ends with showcasing his final design and it’s an amazing piece of work.

Cryptic’s Latest Console-ations

By Rosco McQueen

Good news for console captains this week, with the Delta Recruit event coming to consoles from May 13 on Playstation and Xbox.  The event will run for 28 days, and includes improvements to the existing recruit rewards to remove out of date missions and introduce some new rewards.  It’s a great way to earn extra perks on your account, so why not take the opportunity to create a new character! Any freshly-made 2409 characters from Starfleet, the Klingon Defense Force, or the Romulan Republic are eligible to become a recruit for the 28 days the event runs!

From May 13th through 20th, console captains can claim a free Phoenix prize pack each day. Visit Onna on Deep Space Nine or get gritty with Grym on Drozana Station to claim your pack.  And lastly for console, the Jovian Intel Heavy Raider from Season three of Discovery is finally making it to the game.  The new Tier 6 ship will be available via the Infinity Lock Box.

The Next Generation of Fleet Command

By Elio Lleo

Turning our attention to mobile gaming, Scopely’s Star Trek: Fleet Command introduced a new era of characters from the Star Trek Multiverse on May 11th. TNG characters like Geordi, Deanna, Data, Beverly, Will, and Jean-Luc are now available; according to a post on, “the event will continue to evolve over time, with new surprises rolling out in the following months.

If the beard unlocks by microtransaction I am going to riot. Image: Scopely via