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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Nov 23, 2019

This week on Priority One --- we trek out a new -- official -- star trek command school (for REAL); star trek releases a timeline of events in canon a la Marvel Phases; the production of Star Trek 4 in the Kevlin Timelines seems to be back in motion…. For real this time…. And in Star Trek Gaming…. We take a closer look at the newest ships in Star Trek Online, Dr. Robert Hurt beams in with a recap of his experience with the Discovery Virtual Reality missions, and we slingshot around the sun to trek out a retro Star Trek game.

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This Weeks Community Questions Are:

CQ: If you could join the production crew of any Star Trek series, what would be your dream job?

CQ: That leads us into our last community question in Trek It Out this week…. How do you feel about the announcement that Star Trek Kelvin 4 is gaining production traction? How do you feel about Noah Hawley’s new role(s)?


CQ: What do you think of the previously exclusive items being available in the c-store? What items do you hope are added?


by Shane Hoover

Star Trek Command Training Program

It is hard to deny, at this point, that Star Trek programming has entered into a new Renaissance. With so many new shows currently in production, most every Trek fan can find something to be excited about.  But, if you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, this week’s news from CBS may be the most exciting yet. CBS Television Studios and the Television Academy Foundation have announced the “Star Trek Command Training Program”.  The new program will provide internship placements on a Star Trek series for two lucky students per semester, starting in 2020. If you’ve ever dreamed of sitting in the writers’ room, building bridge sets, or maybe being part of the Lower Decks animation team, then this could be your ticket into the crew.

Speaking about the program, Star Trek EP Alex Kurtzman said, “The Star Trek universe is an ideal place to celebrate new voices and perspectives. We want to provide the framework to begin entertainment careers in a meaningful way and can’t wait to get started.

The application process will be handled by The Academy Foundation, while CBS Television will handle mentorship assignments and curriculum. Interested students should visit to apply. Applications are open through January 21, 2020 for eligible college students 18 and over.

Colm Meaney Honored

Veteran Star Trek actor Colm Meaney was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award this past week at the annual Irish Post Awards. The Awards honor the accomplishments of Irish individuals in fields like business, entertainment, and sports. We, of course, are familiar with Meaney for his 225 Star Trek appearances.  His career as Starfleet engineer Miles O’Brien is second only to Michael Dorn’s Worf for Trek appearances. The versatile actor has also appeared in an impressive body of other TV and film projects, with IMDB listing 127 acting credits to his name. When interviewed after the Awards, Mr. Meaney himself mused, “I enjoyed Star Trek. I did it for seven years. Seven years in a space suit was enough, but it was very enjoyable. Star Trek fans still speak to me in the street. Sometimes it’s like I’m two different actors with two different careers - the Star Trek career and the other career

Speaking of the award itself, the actor said, ”I feel very honoured. It was a bit of a surprise but a very welcome one.”

Official Star Trek Timeline

The official Star Trek website also published an interesting new video this week. The video is titled “A Timeline Through the Star Trek Universe, Part 1”. Throughout the 2 minute, 5 second video, we’re reminded of touchstone events in the Star Trek timeline. Beginning with the events of Voyager’s “Death Wish” at 13.8 billion years ago, the chart carries right through the busy 23rd and 24th centuries, up to the destruction of Romulus in 2387. Each iteration of Star Trek on the big or small screen is represented, with special mention given to certain high profile events like the founding of the Federation, the Enterprise’s 5 year mission, or the Dominion War. Perhaps most intriguingly, the video ends with the promise of “To Be Continued…”

Star Trek 4

Speaking of adding to the canon timeline… Star Trek Kelvin 4 is gaining momentum --- FOR REAL THIS TIME. In an exclusive report by Deadline, Noah Hawley has been announced as its writer AND director. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Hawley developed the X-Men Universe spinoff “Legion” and is the brains behind FX’s Emmy-winning limited series Fargo…. Now, not much is else is known with respect to story or production timetables but, at least we know the production is -- officially -- in the works.
But, what about all this Tarantino talk that we just can’t avoid??... Well according to Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr //quote// The studio separately is working on a Star Trek spinoff that Quentin Tarantino is eyeing to direct and has been working on with Abrams. This one would likely carry an R rating, with a screenplay by The Revenant scribe Mark L. Smith.//end quote//

Star Trek Online and Gaming News

by Anthony Cox

Dr. Robert Hurt visit the Star Trek Discovery VR Experience

A Closer Look at the Earhart and Sech Strike Wing Escorts

This weekend a few of us in the Armada had a chance to try out the new Strike Wing Escorts and must say, I really enjoy them. Since I prefer to fly escorts, I rarely fly ships that have hangar pets - but I like the combination of a fast ship with some extra friends around to help out. Also, the console, Universal Gravimetric Disruptions - is an excellent addition to any control builds out there. It provides a slight boost to Energy Damage and Control Expertise - but also - it affects multiple enemies. So if you like grouping up your enemies and making them explode - highly recommended!

Welcome to Mudd’s Market

If you’ve been playing Star Trek Online for a long time then you’re lucky enough to have had the opportunity to acquire a plethora of limited-time rewards. Back in olden days of feature episode missions and big expansion story arcs, if you played the featured missions within a certain time frame you were able to get some pretty cool items. Attending conventions, special events, or even donating to charities would deliver in-game rewards that available nowhere else. Well, thanks to Star Trek’s mischievous merchant, Harcourt Fenton Mudd, some of those highly sought after exclusive items are making their way to a Zen market near you. On November 22nd “Mudd’s Market” will open in the C-store with a selection of previously exclusive or limited items. The opening round of items will include The Beacon Kahless, the Crystalline Antiproton Energy Weapons, and Bio-engineered Furiadon Combat Dino with frickin’ lasers. All of these items will come bundled with an Ultimate Tech Upgrade. Also available will be the Vizier-class Command Assault Cruiser, The Ophidian Cane, Shard of Possibilities, Reman and Breen Bridge officers, the EMH Holographic Bridge officer, Leeta holographic bridge officer, and the Original Series Holographic bridge officers. The items available in Mudd’s Market will change at times and there are sure to be some surprise discounts. So it’s encouraged that you check the C-store daily.

2019 Winter Wonderland Ship Reward Revealed

Once again we’re getting a sneak peek at the next event. A new tab has appeared in the Event UI for the Winter Wonderland event. Including an image and details for the new Tier 6 Fek’Ihri Dreadnaught carrier. Featuring a Lt. Commander Science/Miracle Worker bridge officer station and coming with a whopping 5 tactical console slots, this fearsome sail barge comes with the universal console, Open the Maw of Gethor. When activated, and we’re not making this up, the ship projects a flaming skull in front of the ship dealing fire damage to all nearby foes and launching Lost Souls of Grethor. This carrier comes with two hangar slots from which you can launch more Lost Souls of Grethor, each one using Claw Swipes and Flame Breath to damage enemies. After achieving level 5 ship mastery you will unlock “Fiery Entrance. When activating Narrow Sensor Bands or launching Hangar pets, your ship will, of course, emit a burning ring of fire dealing damage to nearby foes with a chance to confuse them. At the time of this recording, there has been no official blog post detailing the ship, however, as of right now you can log into the game and view the stats and details under the Winter Event tab.


Join us for TFO Tuesday - each tuesday we team up with other Armada members to earn marks and dilithium. 

If you’re interested in joining the Senior Staff for the Console Fleet - please reach out to us via

Winter Giveaway

  • The Gamma Fleet Tier V Colony upgrade will be complete in a couple days - well done Gamma Fleet!
  • KDF side needs fleet marks - 45,000 Fleet Marks needed for the Klingon High Council. So this is a great opportunity for members to earn Fleet Credits. If you’re interested in joining The Klingon High Council fleet, you can submit an application to join on the armada website.


Running patrols seems to be a fast and fun way to level up your event progress. It can be even faster when you’re running the “Blockade” patrol. After you set up the beacon you’ll need to defend three groups of Krenim ships from Vadwaur and Voth. Well, as the contact says, if you only destroy the Vaadwaur the Voth might leave. And that’s exactly what happens. By focusing on taking out just the Vaadwaur ships you can cut your targets for the mission almost in half. As soon as the last Vaadwaur ship is destroyed in each group the Voth ships disappear. Just imagine how much time you’ll save over the course this feature event. And if you want to run these patrols at a high difficulty level, this can make your runs a little smoother.

Other Gaming News

Star Trek Fleet Command Mirror, Mirror Event

Star Trek Fleet Command is bringing the Mirror Universe into the Kelvin Timeline. The “Mirror, Mirror” event last from now until November 29th and features Terran Empire versions of Kirk, Spock, and Uhura that are obtainable by participating solo and alliance missions. Also included in this event is the opportunity to acquire blueprints to build your very own ISS Jellyfish ship. When playing through the Mirror, Mirror missions you’ll also have the option to experience alternate endings. The choice is yours. Trek out the show notes for more details on the event.

Retro Gaming

Star Trek The Next Generation for Game Boy

Earth date September 1993. Star Trek The Next Generation is heading into its seventh and final season. Star Trek Deep Space Nine premiered earlier in the year and now starts its second season. Star Trek’s golden age was at its height on the small screen. Then there’s the smallest screen. The Nintendo Game Boy. The OG black and yellow 160 pixel by 144 pixel 8-bit gaming brick of happiness. Star Trek TNG for both Game Boy and the NES also released during September of 1993. And boy or boy did this game have one little trekkie beaming with joy. Players take on the role of a Starfleet cadet being instructed by Jean-Luc Picard as they take command of the Enterprise-D and embark on a series of training missions. Everything from transporting an ambassador to rescuing a crew to engaging in combat with the Borg. As the acting captain you give commands through interacting with each bridge crew member by selecting their combadge. To complete shipboard tasks like establishing a standard orbit or diverting power to the shields, you play various mini-games. As you complete missions you rank up and will unlock passwords that can be used to pick up your progress where you left off. I played this exclusively on the Game Boy, but I’ve heard that the NES version is a little easier to play. The graphics are not the best for the time, and the gameplay can feel clunky and not very intuitive. But at a time when the only other mobile Star Trek video games had you flying the Enterprise through an asteroid field, this was the first game that you felt like you were in the Captain’s chair. 

So how can you play this game today? Well, you could of course download an emulator on your computer or phone. I actually have something called a Smartboy from Hyperkin. It’s basically the lower half of a Game Boy with the the control buttons that you slide your USB-C phone into. You run an emulator on your phone, but you can actually plug a real cartridge into the back and play the game from the physical Game Boy cartridge on your phone screen. I love this because it feel like a Game Boy in my hands, but with a bright colorful screen. But the best option in my opinion is to purchase a Game Boy Advance SP. These are the first clamshell looking Nintendo handheld consoles, and the first with a backlit LCD screen. It plays both Game Boy Advance games