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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Nov 15, 2019

This week on Priority One --- We trek out a deleted scene from Discovery Season 2, catch a glimpse of Captain Pike, and celebrate Anthony Rapp’s engage-ment! In Star Trek gaming, we enter the Breach, Strike Wing Escorts are available, and are you ready to step onto the Holodeck.

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This Weeks Community Questions Are:

CQ: Have you seen the new Short Trek, "Ask Not"? What did you think?


CQ: Would you pay $48 to experience the Star Trek Discovery Away mission for 26 minutes? Do you plan on going to the VR experience in the future?


by Shane Hoover

Discovery Season 2 Deleted Tilly Scene

The second season of Star Trek Discovery released this week on Blu-Ray and DVD.

In a teaser last week on the IO9 website, CBS released an exclusive deleted scene featuring Tilly and her Mycelial parasitic pal, May Ahearn.

The scene opens on Tilly trying to ignore the mysterious May by reading a PADD. May peeks around the edge and grins. Tilly, exasperated, tries to flee to the bathroom of her quarters, only for May to suddenly appear in that room. Clearly on the edge, Tilly declares that she can't be in the Starfleet Command Training Program if she's mentally unsound, to which May quips "Well that hardly seems fair!". May argues that Tilly's mind works in “Fascinating ways. I'm inside it, feeling the throb of your neurons, the rush of hot oxygenated blood coursing between hemispheres.” To which a confused Tilly responds, "Are you coming on to me?" 

May convinces Tilly to help her in her quest to observe and speak to the Captain. She promises that she can help Tilly reach her ultimate potential and change the universe for the better. Once she's gotten her message to the Captain through Tilly, May swears she'll be gone. And the scene ends. 

The Season Two Blu-Ray release boasts over four hours of special features, including behind-the-scenes featurettes, cast and crew insights, and two of the show's Short Treks - "Runaway" and "The Brightest Star". If this deleted scene is any indication, some great material from Season Two wound up on the cutting room floor!

Captain Pike Short Trek Teaser dropped a sneak peek at the upcoming Captain Pike centered Short Trek, "Ask Not" this week. As Pike narrates that the Enterprise has picked up a distress call from the U.S.S. Bowman, we see a young Starfleet officer in red working frantically at a console. Suddenly, the two wall displays behind her explode in a shower of fire, smoke, and glass. The scene fades to black and announces that the Short Trek would release on November 14th. Next, we see Pike himself declaring to someone offscreen, "I need you to let me out of here." We see an officer in gold, presumably Pike, being led by two guards through a bulkhead door in restraints and a black hood. Next, we see a dark-haired young woman declare that he's a prisoner whose orders carry no weight. An angry Pike barks "Cadet! I am giving you a direct order to release me!" The cadet refuses, and Pike warns that she will never see the inside of a starship again. Ominous music swells as the scene cuts to the Short Treks logo and the date November 14. 

There are plenty of sudden cuts and one-sided conversations in this teaser.  So it's possible, even likely, that the relationship between the captive Pike and this cadet will not play out entirely as it seems. What's certain, though, is that Anson Mount's Pike will find himself in chains and in peril aboard another Starfleet vessel. Is he the victim of a trap? Was there a mutiny or piracy aboard the U.S.S. Bowman? What are Number One, Spock, and the Enterprise doing to rescue their Captain?  If you haven't already, check out the Short Trek now on CBS All Access.

Star Trek: The Animated Series Leaving Netflix

Streaming giant Netflix announced this week that all seasons of Star Trek: The Animated Series will be removed from the service on December 1, 2019. This announcement applies only to Netflix viewers in the United States, for now. The show, which aired for 22 episodes over two seasons, has been carried by Netflix since 2016. Though there has been no announcement, it seems likely that the show will be moving to CBS All Access after it leaves Netflix. While not widely considered essential Star Trek viewing, the Animated Series carried on the tales of the U.S.S. Enterprise where TOS left off. Almost the entire original cast returned to voice their characters for the show. If you're a Trek completist who hasn't yet seen it, or if you just enjoy the wilder side of Trek explored by these animated stories, you can still catch it on Netflix for now.

Anthony Rapp's Engagement

Star Trek Discovery actor Anthony Rapp took to Twitter this week to make a big personal announcement. He tweetedSo something happened tonight. I asked Ken if he would marry me and he said yes. I am so very happy, and I'm so very thrilled to share this news” The tweet was accompanied by a smiling picture of the happy couple. Voices of actors and fans from around the Star Trek world chimed in to share their best wishes. Everyone here at Priority One Podcast would also like to send our very best wishes and congratulations to Anthony and Ken!

Captain Spock Statue

Are you a die-hard collector of Star Trek merchandise? Then you might be interested in a brand new exclusive Captain Spock statue announced for pre-order by Sideshow and Darkside Collectibles Studio. According to the announcement it is “Recreated from original CBS Studio Inc. archived materials and through a thorough examination of the original filming costumes the statue features a breathtaking likeness of actor Leonard Nimoy as Captain Spock of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE as he appears in the Paramount Pictures STAR TREK II The Wrath of Khan film directed by Nicholas Meyer in 1982.

Leonard Nimoy, posed in the official Starfleet salutation, measures over 25 inches and is presented in an authentically sculpted detailed captain’s costume. The statue captures the noble feeling and character of Spock and is accompanied with the United Federation of Planets flag.

The statue is truly amazingly detailed, capturing one of Nimoy's greatest performances as Spock in one of the most beloved Star Trek films. Two versions are available, one with Spock's hands behind his back, and another depicting Spock in the act of the famous Vulcan salute. The statue's $1299 price tag might deter all but the most determined collectors, though.

Star Trek Online and Gaming News

by Anthony Cox

Into the Breach TFO Announced and The Patrol System Adds Three New Delta Patrols

As we reported last week, the next Featured TFO, Into the Breach, has begun. With it, a new Universal Console and an opportunity to make more progress int he Free Tier 6 campaign. We told you that there would be a daily choice between running the Featured TFO once or the new patrol twice. Well, now that Cryptic has officially announced the event there are three reworked Delta Patrols added to the Patrol System and that will count towards your Event Campaign progress. “Tempting Targets” in the Kinbar System finds you and the Voth escorting some Turei ships on a trade mission with The Hierarchy. Ships carrying supplies can make for some Tempting Targets in the Delta Quadrant. In “Aftermath” you’ll need to protect a Borg co-operative ship from some attacking Voth in the Nassordin system. And in “Blockade Runner” you’ll help some Krenim colonists Espace a Vaadwaur attack. These patrols are meant to offer a fast-paced and exciting way to play the game and to earn rewards. The Featured TFO and these new patrols are live in-game now. And the “Into the Breach” event will run until December 2nd.

The Strike Wing Escort Bundle

The Strike Wing Escort Bundle of starships is now available in the C-store for Federation and Klingon characters. This new bundle includes the Earhart Strike Wing Escort and the Sech Strike Wing Escort. Each ship comes with a squadron of fighters to help it eliminate threats. Class-C shuttles for the Earhart and Mo’kai fighters for the Sech. These ships also come with the Universal Console, Cascading Gravimetric Disruptions. This console can emit a pulse that will seek out up to five enemy warp core powered ships dealing damage until destabilizing. This console also boosts energy damage and control expertise. Also included is the experimental weapon, Subatomic Field Disruptor which deals Electrical Damage over time. And finally leveling up each ship’s mastery will earn you the Starship trait, Target that Explosion. When slotted activating any command or torpedo ability will cause allies to fire addition torpedos at your next torpedo target. Fleet versions of these ships are also available.

The Kobayashi Maru and Gamma Recruits is Live on Console

Console captains can now put their academy training to use in the famous no-win scenario. The Kobayashi Maru Featured TFO is live for PS4 and Xbox One with the Kobayashi Maru transponder reward. A reminder that this is the first event in the Tier 6 ship coupon campaign. Players can earn 50 progress daily by participating in one of three required featured events and once they reach a total of 2,100 progress they will earn a free Tier 6 ship coupon. And as expected, captains can also create new Jem’Hadar captains to join the Gamma Recruits.


PC: Dilithium Bonus Weekend

PC players should dust off those Dilithium drills for a Dilithium bonus weekend running now until Monday the 18th. Then from the 21st to the 25th gain bonus technology points in an Item Upgrade weekend. Following that will be a Bonus Marks weekend from November 28th to December 2nd. And according to the in-game calendar Q’s Winter Wonderland is scheduled to start on December 3rd and run until January 2nd

PC & Console: Hearts and Minds

And for any of those captains on both PC and console that weren’t able to run the creepy Hearts and Minds mission the two previous times it was available this year, you’re in luck. December brings us another Friday the 13th and another opportunity to get your reward exclusive to that mission. Don’t worry though. 2020 will bring us two more Friday the 13ths.


  • The Priority One-Gamma fleet is just days away from its final tier 5 upgrade on cooldown for the Colony World fleet holding.
  • The Priority One-Ferengi Alliance fleet is a couple upgrades away from level 70. 
  • Moving onto the KDF side, The House of Mogh completed now has it’s Tier 5 upgrade for the Industrial Fabricator online and it still needs Fleet Marks and Dilithium.
  • Finally The Klingon High Council fleet has unlocked it’s first Tier 3 Upgrade on the Colony World fleet Holding. Between all of the current upgrades and projects that are now online, there are over 45,000 Fleet Marks needed for the Klingon High Council. So this is a great opportunity for members to earn Fleet Credits. If you’re interested in joining The Klingon High Council fleet, you can submit an application to join on the armada website.

Other Gaming News

Beam Into the Star Trek Discovery Full-Body VR Experience

Holodeck, run Star Trek Discovery Away Mission program. *Program complete. You may enter when ready* Well, you may enter if you’re on the West coast of North America or in Southeast Asia anyway. The company Sandbox VR has teamed with CBS to bring a near 30 minute away team mission in immersive full-body, free-roam virtual reality. Featuring the voice of Mary Wiseman as Cadet Sylvia Tilly and taking players from the bridge of the USS Discovery all the way down to a frozen alien planet. Using VR goggles, body vest, arm and feet sensors, and handheld equipment to mimic phasers and tricorders, the experience will cost you $48 a person for about 26 minutes of the Starfleet experience with up to 5 of your friends. IGN recently tried out the experience and has a lengthy video review about their experience. Sandbox VR currently has locations in Vancouver, San Fransisco, and LA. Along with several locations in Asia. Their website does advertise other locations coming soon to major US cities.