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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Aug 1, 2016

Greetings, Captains! You’re listening to A SPECIAL EPISODE OF PRIORITY ONE PODCAST, your weekly report on all things Star Trek! Available for download or streaming on Monday, August 1st, 2016 at! As we gear up for our coverage of the 50th Anniversary celebrations at the Star Trek Las Vegas convention, Elijah and Kenna bring you a special preview of what we'll be up to, and let you know how best to follow the team while we're there. If you're joining us at the convention, be sure to stop by our table in the Main Vendor Hall, booth 53. We're on the left as you enter the hall, close to the Star Trek Online booth. SPECIAL EVENTS Wednesday, August 3rd, 7:30-10pm PDT Priority One Podcast will be hosting a Laser Tag event at Battle Blast Laser Tag, starting at 7:30pm. For more information, please visit our Facebook page. Saturday, August 6th, 2-2:45pm PDT - Priority One Podcast presents: Stand By...Don't Hail Me! A loving, respectful, and (mostly) faithful parody of the popular National Public Radio news quiz "Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me!" Join your Master of Ceremonies, Elio “Elijah” Lleo and your Host, Tony “Not Peter Sagal” Hunter as they borrow the format and games familiar to radio audiences nationwide; giving them a modern Star Trek-themed reboot (lens flares not included). Audience members will have the chance to answer trivia questions from the world of Star Trek: canon fiction, production facts, games, and even poetic nonsense. Additionally, you’ll also hear from our special guest, Star Trek Online's Lead Designer Al “Actually Captain Geko” Rivera as he plays “Dammit, Jim, I'm a Doctor” (aka "Not My Job"). No matter if your passion lies with the movies, the shows, or the games, chances are you’ll know enough to guess the correct answer and win a fabulous prize!!! Join us on the Roddenberry Stage at Quark’s Bar on Saturday, August 6 at 2:00pm PDT. Be sure to pick up a ticket at the door and you may be randomly selected for a chance to participate and win a prize! If you’re very lucky, you might win our Grand Prize: A Customized Voice-Mail Recording from a surprise #STLV50 Convention Guest! Check out all the panels and events on the Roddenberry Stage Sunday, August 7th, 2-2:45pm PDT - The Podcast Summit Priority One Podcast joins Mission Log Podcast, and other popular Star Trek podcasts, on stage for an afternoon of Q & A. It's your chance to peek behind the scenes, ask questions, and learn more about the world of Star Trek podcasting. Also featuring hosts from Trek Geeks, Women at Warp, TrekFM and The G & T Show. Throughout the Week Things move fast at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention! We will be bringing you interviews and special features throughout the week, sometimes at the last minute! Be sure to follow our social media channels, where we will try and announce events as they come up. HOW TO FOLLOW OUR COVERAGE We will be broadcasting as much as we can on Facebook Live. To make sure you never miss a broadcast, be sure to follow us on We'll also be cross-posting pictures and updates on our Twitter page: BE SURE TO VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE PREMIER STAR TREK ONLINE PODCAST! Priority One Productions is always looking for new team members that have a passion for Star Trek. Please know that all of our positions are volunteer, but we do offer a well-known outlet for your work. If you have a skill that you believe could enhance our content, then send your contact information and experience along with a few writing samples to INCOMING@PRIORITYONEPODCAST.COM Did you miss any of our great Blogs last week? Stop by THIS LINK and see for yourself! How about our latest Video Release? You can also follow us on the social media sites! We’re on Facebook! Head over to WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/PRIORITYONEPODCAST and say, “Hi!” Or,