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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Aug 29, 2016

Greetings, Captains! You’re listening to EPISODE 284 OF PRIORITY ONE PODCAST, your weekly report on all things Star Trek! Available for download or streaming on Monday, August 29th, 2016 at! This week we are Trekking Out some obscure Star Trek trivia, and why Bryan Fuller has been looking at James Bond cars for visual inspiration. In Star Trek Online news, Cryptic has shocked us all by finally releasing an end-game Constitution Class starship. We’ve also got details on the dev team’s setup for Star Trek: Mission New York. Later, our science adviser Dr Robert Hurt is here with a very special supplemental Astrometrics Report. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Priority One Podcast has teamed up with the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum to ensure that you graduate from Starfleet Academy this 2nd-4th of September! If you're attending ReedPOP's Star Trek: Mission New York convention, then we want you to meet with us on Saturday night, September 3rd at 7pm to go through the Starfleet Academy Experience! Join Jayce, Henry and Elijah and go through the Academy together. We'll also be joined by special guests. Additionally, we've arranged for you to save $5 off the cost of admission into the exhibit all weekend long. Click here to find out how to participate. TOPICS DISCUSSED Trek It Out The proposed Star Trek projects that never were Bryan Fuller used 70s cars as visual inspiration for Star Trek Discovery Star Trek Online News Tier 6 Constitution (and the rest of the R&D pack promotion) R&D pack promotion ship stats Star Trek Online at Star Trek: Mission New York Tracking the Devs Jeremy Randall (@BorticusCryptic) doesn't respond to messages at 3am, FYI Jon Steady (@STOCrypticRock) got a special e-mail from Professor Oak Community Manager @LaughingTrendy has a special song to share with the class Astrometrics Report Planet Found in Habitable Zone Around Nearest Star (via THIS WEEK'S COMMUNITY QUESTION Have you heard of a concept for a Star Trek series that didn’t make the list? Which “official” pitch would you have wanted to see come to life? What does looking at racing cars and lamborghinis from the 70’s means for the feel of Star Trek Discovery? How might this impact the overall aesthetics of the show? Will you be going for the new Tier 6 Constitution Class in Star Trek Online? Have you already got one? What do you think of the ship and the promotion? BE SURE TO VISIT OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE PREMIER STAR TREK ONLINE PODCAST! Priority One Productions is always looking for new team members that have a passion for Star Trek. Please know that all of our positions are volunteer, but we do offer a well-known outlet for your work. If you have a skill that you believe could enhance our content, then send your contact information and experience along with a few writing samples to INCOMING@PRIORITYONEPODCAST.COM Did you miss any of our great Blogs last week? Stop by THIS LINK and see for yourself! How about our latest Video Release? You can also follow us on the social media sites! We’re on Facebook! Head over to WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/PRIORITYONEPODCAST and say, “Hi!” Or, Check us out on Twitter via @PRIORITYONEPOD for show times and other cool stuff. Liked this episode? Totally hated it? Leave a comment below or CONTACT US via our handy web form! Enjoy the show!