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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Jan 30, 2021

This week on this Star Trek News Podcast: We Trek Out news about Star Trek Prodigy, how a Cuban helped pave the way for Star Trek, Michael Dorn’s “Captain Worf” pitch, and Nichelle Nichol’s final appearance on screen. In Star Trek Gaming, the MMO Star Trek Online has launched its 11th Anniversary Celebrations, and we run down what you should expect! We Trek Out news about Star Trek Prodigy, how a Cuban helped pave the way for Star Trek, Michael Dorn’s “Captain Worf” pitch, and Nichelle Nichol’s final appearance on screen. In Star Trek Gaming, the MMO Star Trek Online has launched its 11th Anniversary Celebrations, and we run down what you should expect!

Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages!

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Kate Mulgrew and Prodigy

By Cat Hough

We have some breaking news from Twitter regarding the Nickelodeon animated show, Star Trek: Prodigy. On Monday, January 24, Kate Mulgrew was asked about the show, saying that she has already finished recording for Prodigy season 1 and how much she enjoyed returning to the role of Kathryn Janeway. Mulgrew ended the chat, saying, “I think we are going into the next season very soon.”

Worf In The Captain’s Seat: The Sequel

By Cat Hough

On last week’s episode of Priority One, we just discussed the likelihood of Michael Dorn reprising his role of Worf in any of the new Trek shows. Coincidentally, in an interview with that was posted earlier this week, Dorn was asked if he was interested in playing Worf in Star Trek: Picard. He replied, ”It depends on the role...I don’t want to get in makeup and just stand around and scowl at people.” He also said he has not yet been contacted by anyone from Picard or Lower Decks, so I suppose we can draw our own conclusions. 

Michael Dorn as Commander Worf from Star TrekImage courtesy of

However, he did go into some detail about the script he wrote about Captain Worf, saying that he envisioned telling stories about the Federation and Starfleet from the Klingon point of view. Worf would essentially be more like an ambassador of the KDF trying to bring unity to the Klingon Empire.

One Last Show for Nichelle Nichols

By Tony Hunter

It was just last week we were raising a glass to the memory of the Star Trek fan film ecosystem of the mid 20-teens. And then what do we find? It’s an article from WFMZ-TV out of Allentown, Pennsylvania, describing the Kickstarter for the sequel to the fan-produced “Star Trek Renegades” from 2015, directed by Tim Russ. The earlier film had quite a few notable appearances from Star Trek alums, including Walter Koenig as Admiral Chekhov, Robert Picardo as the Doctor, and Tim Russ as Tuvok, just to name a few. And seriously, that’s just a few. You can’t go 10 minutes in that show without saying “isn’t that the guy from…?” Yes, yes it is.

Concept art and Loren Lott as appearing in Renegades OminaraImage courtesy of Star Trek: Renegades/Kickstarter

Loren Lott and Nichelle Nichols play the character Ominara at different agesImage courtesy of Star Trek: Renegades/Kickstarter

The sequel, entitled Renegades Ominara, is boasting that they have lined up the “final performance” of Nichelle Nichols, but she will not be playing Uhura. And Walter Koenig will return, but not as Admiral Chekhov. Tim Russ is back in the director’s chair, leading a newer cast of stars with a few credits each on their TV CVs. The Kickstarter is sitting at just under $26,000 as we record, two-thirds of the way to its goal of $35,000, with 12 days to go.

Lawyer alert! Lawyer alert!

We’ll put links in the shownotes to the article and the Kickstarter, but a quick word of warning here from the spoilsport lawyers. This project, as it’s currently advertised, might not pass muster with the CBS legal eagles. For one thing, it’s advertised as “a full-40-minute show (which is a network hour-long television show)”, which does not work with the fan film limits of one single 15 minute project or 2 15 minute segments of a single project. Also, the participation of Nichols, Koenig and Russ seems to run afoul of the rule that “creators, actors and all other participants must be amateurs, cannot be compensated for their services, and cannot be currently or previously employed on any Star Trek series, films, production of DVDs or with any of CBS or Paramount Pictures’ licensees.” So, it looks like a fun project, so long as the fun police don’t shut it down.

How a Cuban Helped Make Star Trek

By Elio Lleo 

If you fancy yourself a television history buff or have dived into the books and stories detailing the behind-the-scenes development of Star Trek, then you’ve probably already heard that if Gene Roddenberry is Star Trek’s father...then Lucille Ball would certainly be its mother.

This–for the most part–is true. By the time Star Trek was ready to begin filming, Lucille Ball had taken full control of Desilu Productions. And, if you’ve read Marc Cushman’s These Are The Voyages, you’ll have read a fun little piece of lore that Lucy once swept the sound stage of Star Trek just to help keep the production on schedule and on budget.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz seated in directors chairs at press conference in Los Angeles, Calif., 1953Image from Los Angeles Times photographic library/UCLA, courtesy of Wikipedia.

But, the road to Star Trek was being paved years earlier with Desi Arnaz very much in the picture. In a recent episode of NPR’s Planet Money, the hosts give you a quick rundown of how this immigrant from Cuba helped shape television today. From abandoning the classic kinescope to introducing the three rolling cameras to insisting on a live-studio audience, Desi Arnaz's influence can be seen today in all your favorite sitcoms… from the Fresh Prince…to Friends…to Fraiser. And when Lucy got pregnant in real life and the I Love Lucy Show had to go on hiatus, well, Desi had an answer for that too. Reruns and syndication!

For anyone looking to enhance their appreciation for the history of television–and if you liked watching I Love Lucy and are curious to learn a bit more about the loud-bombastic Cuban man who loves Lucy–TrekOut the shownotes.

In Memoriam: Richard Arnold (1954-2021)

Last, but certainly not least, it is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of Richard Arnold. For those of you not familiar with the name, Arnold was known as Gene Roddenberry’s “right hand man” during the production of the series and later went on the convention circuit as a “Star Trek Expert.” According to Rod Roddenberry, in a post on Facebook “Richard’s voice was the one my father most often listened to; because Richard listened to the fans."

Our hearts go out to his and the Roddenberry family.

Star Trek Gaming News

by Thomas Reynolds & Shane Hoover

Abandon Every Hope, Who Battle Here

By Thomas Reynolds

Gate of Gre'thor, from the Gre'thor map on Star Trek Online

When we journeyed two-thirds of the Year’s way, we found ourselves within a blazing fortress, for we had kept Cryptic’s path that does not stray. It is hard to speak of what Gre’thor was, that hellish prison, cowardly and shameful, which even in recall renews my disgust––glorious death is ever more dear!

Of course, you've not experienced Dante until you have...well, you know the rest.

In the beginning, we fought to preserve the Empire as a warrior’s paradise. Together with its wayward son K’mtar, the House of Mogh endured the Warzone’s purgatory. Now we stand at the Gateway to Gre’thor–the inferno itself–to draw the Year of Klingon to its fiery conclusion. Cryptic’s yearlong revamp of the Klingon Starting Experience concludes with the launch of the Anniversary Event–and if the new Klingon hell doesn’t do it for you, nothing will. We could wax rhapsodic for hours about the new maps, environment textures, enemies, the Dishonorable Three, and hair options. But the link is in our shownotes, captains. You have to see the screencaps to believe them.

Recruit First, Ask Questions Later

By Thomas Reynolds

With the starting Klingon experience refresh complete, this would be the perfect time to see the new sights with a new KDF toon. Also, the Klingon Civil War still rages on and both sides desperately need cannon fodd--I mean, brave warriors. But Sto-vo-kor’s eternal glory isn’t enough for some people: they want dilithium, ships, and shiny new ways to kill people.

The refit M'Chla Bird of Prey, available to players in Star Trek Online

Starting with the Anniversary Event, Cryptic kicked off Star Trek Online’s fourth Recruitment Event: this time, for the Klingon Empire. Until February 25th, new Klingon characters (using the free character slot Cryptic’ll give you) will be officially dubbed Klingon Recruits. Like in previous events, Klingon Recruits get special rewards for meeting certain goals during the story and into the endgame. This includes (what sound like) the optional story objectives you completed with other faction Recruits, but naturally more violent. Enemies of the Empire abound, and whoever’s on the other end of your transponder wants them dead and gone. Happy hunting!

Your other characters also get benefits from the Recruit’s progress like currencies, ship and ground traits, and “piezoelectric execution sceptres.” That alone sounds like it’s worth the effort--but if pain sticks aren’t your style, how about a ship instead? Yes, Klingon Recruits also get the M’Chla Bird of Prey of 2255, refitted for battle in 2411. Details for the scaling T6 ship, along with the other Recruit rewards, will be in our shownotes.

A player character from Star Trek Online that looks like a Klingon from Star Trek: Discovery

As a side note, you can also play a Klingon from 2255 too. Discovery-era Klingons are now available as a KDF race, although identical to their modern counterparts other than looks and uniform. Fortunately no one’s ever had strong opinions about how the Klingons looked in Discovery, so this should be controversy-free.

The Fire In Which Houses Are Reborn

By Thomas Reynolds

Are you dying to see the new Gre’thor (get it?), but don’t have time to start your Recruit right now? Well, the other massive Klingon story content drop timed to the Anniversary Event has you covered. House Reborn continues the Klingon Civil War arc, as J’Ula’s path to redeem the Empire brings us more familiar faces. Our proper review will come next week, once we have time to reflect and replay. But if you’re hearing this before playing, and you haven’t looked at Twitter in a while, here’s a slight spoiler. The title’s more appropriate than you might expect.

Infinite Ships in Finite Factions

By Thomas Reynolds

Hoo boy, captains. Red Alert and brace for impact, because we’re about to hit the Wall. Or not! Because ships aren’t restricted to factions anymore! But they are. Kind of. Look, it’s a complicated discussion on in-game policies: exactly the Earl Grey tea that Priority One loves to spill.

As of January 26th, having a level 65 KDF officer on your account will unlock both factions’ ships for all Fed and KDF officers on your account. Coming with the ships are their Admiralty cards, registries, prefixes, bridges, interiors, and any associated items like consoles or pets. Existing Zen Store purchases are reclaimable across the divide, so your Orion engineer can have the Presidio-class cruiser of their dreams.

A closeup shot of a Starfleet vessel in Star Trek Online, with the name I.K.S. QONOS'

But your Fed-aligned Romulan won’t be getting their hands on a D4x anytime soon. The faction wall for ships still applies to Fed and KDF allies. or now, at least. Forever? Who can say?

Ship availability across Red vs. Blue also means the end of other ways Cryptic’s tried bridging the divide. Cross-faction packs for ship-specific traits and consoles aren’t going away. You can still find them in non-Zen stores or on the Exchange. However you won’t be able to get new traits or consoles that way from here on out--get ready to pay for those in the Zen store instead.

Fear the Temer-Class Alliance Raider

By Shane Hoover

We did say your Fed-Aligned Romulan still won’t be getting on the bridge of a D4x, but if that’s what you’re after then the brand new Temer-Class Alliance Raider just might make you smile. This year’s Event Grand Prize for the 11th Anniversary event is the account unlock of the T6 Temer-Class Raider. Carrying on the spirit of cooperation that was embodied in the Khitomer-Class Battlecruiser, the Temer is a joint Romulan and Klingon design available to all factions. The ship stats were published Saturday, January 23rd by Ambassador Kael, and they look pretty tempting.

The Temer-Class Alliance Raider vessel from Star Trek Online

This is a T6 Raider with a 5/1 weapon layout, Enhanced Battle Cloak, Improved Raider Flanking, and Command seating. The Repulsor Blaster experimental weapon and the Sniper starship trait firmly establish the Temer as a maximum range torpedo boat. So prepare to decloak at 10km on someone’s flank, unload a volley of torpedoes, and watch the fireworks! All you need to do is earn 40 or more Daily Progress in the Anniversary Event, and the Temer-Class is yours.

Zhat Vash Some Lockbox, Vashn’t It?

By Shane Hoover

A Zhat Vash warbird appears over Starfleet Academy

It wouldn’t be a Star Trek Online content update without a new lockbox, right? And this time we’ve got a box inspired by CBS’s newest live-action Star Trek show, Picard. Specifically, the “Picard Zhat Vash” lockbox is inspired by the shadowy Romulan cabal that served as the antagonists for Picard’s first season. The lockbox has all of the lockbox offerings we’ve come to expect: Personal Ground and Space traits, Kit Modules, Duty Officer assignments, new Weapon packs, Lobi store items, a new Pit Bull pet, and a Grand Prize T6 ship, which we’ll discuss shortly.

A line of pit bull terriers in the Starfleet Academy gardens

In every box there’s also something new to the game, The Impossible Device. This new consumable will instantly remove one injury status at random from any ground player or player starship not currently in combat. If used on another player, the device also applies an HP and outgoing healing buff for 30 minutes. To see the details of everything this new lockbox has to offer, Trek out the link in our shownotes.

Oh! It’s That Romulan Ship!

By Shane Hoover

If you find yourself lucky enough to unpack a Grand Prize from the new Zhat Vash lockbox, you’ll get your hands on the brand new Dhailkhina Command Strike Wing Warbird. This new cross-faction Zhat Vash Warbird was last seen in Star Trek: Picard confronting Captain Riker and the U.S.S. Zheng He.The ship sports a 5/2 weapon layout, plus the experimental weapon slot, which are typical for the ship type. The Carbon Scorcher experimental weapon deals physical damage plus a heavy physical damage over time effect, with a bonus damage resistance debuff. Specialty bridge seats include a Command Tactical/Command seat and a Lt. Commander Universal/Intel seat. The new Universal Console, Bombing Run, passively boosts Plasma damage and Crit Chance, while clicking for a heavy Kinetic and Plasma damage attack. The ship’s trait, Commanded Singularities, adds a “micro singularity” hazard to the current target’s location whenever a Command or Singularity ability is activated.

Several views of the Dhailkhina Warbird from Star Trek Online

So tell us, Captains, are you going to give Riker an “excuse to kick your treacherous Tal Shiar ass”? The link to all of the ship stats and details is in our show notes.