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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Jun 5, 2020

This week on Episode 463 of Priority One --- We ‘Trek Out’ Akiva Goldsman’s Batman and Robin apology and what he has to say about Discovery, Bryan Fuller gets candid, and the cast of Star Trek Voyager reunite for a good cause! In Star Trek Gaming, Star Trek Online’s No-win Scenario re-emerges, and says “To Hell With Honor,” and lastly we welcome Fazri Zubair of Lucid Sight’s Crypto Space Commander!

  • CQ: Would a season long “Year of Hell” be something you’d want to see as dedicated Star Trek Series?

Akiva Goldsman Chats with Collider

Last week, we told you about a Collider interview with Star Trek producer, director, and writer Akiva Goldsman. On Friday May 29th, the video of that interview was posted to Collider’s youtube channel, and it contained a slew of new information. Goldman apologized for “Batman and Robin” - it was heart-felt, but we’re not sure it was enough...BUT...he also talked a bit more about Star Trek. Strap in, because this week we’ve got AUDIO!

Goldsman told Collider he was not involved with Discovery’s third season, but did have some information on what’s to come, saying

“So Alex [Kurtzman] has really been deeply involved in the building out of what season three looks like and what that post-Federation future is. I have seen some of it because, you know, we all work together in the same - or we did - place with lots of Star Trek pictures on the wall and editing bays and things, you know. It seems awesome to me. It’s not a final frontier but it is a new one.

- Akiva Goldsman

Goldsman also revealed an interesting tidbit about Discovery’s jump to the distant future:

We all helped build that idea, all the way back to season one. Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg, the original showrunners from season one, that idea dates all the way back to that. I think it is a spectacular idea, which is to go post the timeline we know.

- Akiva Goldsman

Bryan Fuller Talks “Voyager”

Bryan Fuller is to Voyager what Jonathan Frakes is to Next Gen. Every time the man speaks, he leaves juicy audio clips in his wake. This week, the former-Voyager staff writer sat down with the la “Inglorious Treksperts” podcast to celebrate Voyagers Silver Anniversary, and sprinkled trek nuggets all up in our sauce.

Fuller discussed the push-and-pull between Voyager’s creative team and then-Trek-Head-Rick-Berman, saying:

”I think what was interesting in the evolution of the show, which you could sense the creative struggle. And I witnessed the creative struggle when I was working there. And there was an appetite for these bigger, bolder science fiction stories. And there was a lot of resistance from Rick Berman in embracing them because he was chasing The Next Generation and was not allowing Voyager to be the show that it could be.

- Bryan Fuller

But Fuller wasn’t done. He went on to describe the writer’s room’s plan to make one of Star Trek’s best two-parters - “Year of Hell” - a season long arc, and Berman’s reaction.

"The “Year of Hell” and the behind-the-scenes drama around trying to craft not only that episode, but that season, was fascinating because we wanted “Year of Hell” to last the entire season. We wanted to see Voyager get its [EXPLETIVE] kicked every episode and through that season was going to be marbled the story of Annorax and the time ship that was changing things. So, we would go back to it every once in a while to remind the audience that’s  the larger story. But because Deep Space Nine had made Rick Berman allergic to serialized storytelling, violently so [we did not]

- Bryan Fuller

When asked why Fuller thought Deep Space Nine was able to get away with things Voyager wasn’t, Fuller pulled no punches.

"Ira [Steven Behr] didn’t give a [EXPLETIVE] what Rick Berman said, and Brannon [Braga] did. Ira was like, “I don’t care, you’re wrong. This is what we’re doing and fire me if you want to.’ He was always like ‘Fire me. If you don’t like what I’m doing, fire me, but this is what we’re doing. So if you’re not behind it, then I suggest you find someone else to do my job’

- Bryan Fuller

“Stars in the House” Voyager Reunion

After 25 years, a reunion is in order! And that’s exactly what happened on Tuesday, May 26th. The cast of Star Trek: Voyager met via Zoom, along with Seth Rudetsky and James Wesley - hosts of “Stars in the House” - to talk Trek - but more importantly - to raise money for “The Actor’s Fund” charity.

The one hour meeting - which was organized by the “Stars in the House” hosts and Voyager’s Robert Picardo - was a fun way to look at Voyager’s behind-the-scenes dynamic.

Robert Duncan McNeil - portrayer of helmsman Tom Paris and He-Man pal Kevin Corrigan - talked about Kate Mulgrew’s first day on set. Mulgrew put on the jumpsuit after the departure of Geneviève Bujold: Voyager’s first Captain Janeway.

"There was a lot of uncertainty, I guess, when Geneviève left. There was a lot of uncertainty. Was the show going to get made? You know, were they going to make it a male captain? Maybe they couldn’t find a female who they felt could do this. And the moment you said the first line on the bridge, personally I felt like ‘this shows going to work. We’re going to make it. Now it’s is all together.’

- Rober Duncan McNiel

Mulgrew, who has expressed interest in returning to the role of Janeway, was eager to ask former co-star and current Picard actor Jeri Ryan about what’s going on with Star Trek’s newest series. "What’s the plan, now, going  forward. Nobody knows anything” to which Ryan replied:

"We were originally supposed to start shooting in the middle of June, but they would have had to started building the sets in the middle of May, which we can’t do So we’re just waiting.They’re hoping that  we can start shooting in the beginning of fall. I don’t know.”

- Jeri Ryan


This week, Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast did not record its 463rd episode live.

It has been our weekly goal to entertain and inform our listeners of the goings-on in the Star Trek Multiverse. We like to consider ourselves an enjoyable distraction to your everyday lives; but, sometimes, it’s irresponsible to ignore what is happening in the world.

This week in the United States, protests and rioting erupted when George Floyd was murdered by members of the Minneapolis Police Department. Floyd’s death, centuries of oppression, systemic racism, police violence, and discrimination of Black and Brown Americans have sparked protests at home and abroad.

On June 2nd, Star showed its support for the Black Lives Matter movement. A three minute clip of Deep Space Nine’s “Far beyond the Stars” starts with a simple message:

“Black Lives Matter. Black Culture Matters. Black Communities Matter.
We stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, creators, partners and audience and condemn all acts of racism, discrimination, and senseless acts of violence.”

In the article accompanying the video, there is a link to Black Lives Matter's call for a sustainable transition in our communities.
We have included a link to the Black Lives Matter petition below.

Additionally, we're teaming up with as #TrekkiesUnite against those same injustices and inequalities.

Tonight, we cannot pretend to overlook what is happening in the United States.

Tonight, we stand with our brothers and sisters fighting against injustice.
Tonight, we reflect on #BlackOutTuesday

Tonight – and every night – we must remain attentive, we must continually educate ourselves with facts, and we must unite in solidarity to protect this nation – and others - against injustice, tyranny, and oppression.

Live Long & Prosper through Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

No-Win Scenario

by Advisorypanda

The Event Campaign II resumes on June 4th for PC, and on June 30th for console, but at the greatest cost. Apologies to Captain Kirk, but the No-Win Scenario is real and it is here.

Playing either the "Arena of Sompek" or "Kobayashi Maru" TFOs every day during the 21-day event will grant you honor and glory, along with 50 Event Campaign Progress and Daily Progress towards the No-Win Scenario Event grand prize. The grand prize includes 3 Featured TFO boxes, 25,000 dilithium ore, and a new account-unlocked ship with Admiralty card: the scaling T4 Kobayashi Maru Freighter for Fed and Fed-aligned characters, and the Tong’Duj Freighter for KDF and KDF-aligned characters.

While Freighters are as well-suited for combat as a Ferengi with an ear infection [Ferengi scream here], they offer on-board access to amenities like the Exchange, Bank, expanded Transwarp, and special Trade duty officer missions. Even better, you can go to and from your Freighte’s interior from any other ship rather than fully switching between the two. Link to the stats in the show notes.

Note that, while it’s possible to do everything right and still lose in life, that’s not quite true for the event. The event TFOs now have designated end points (Maru at level 6, Sompek at level 7) and cannot be failed before reaching them. Which makes them "Always-Win Scenarios," if we’re being honest.

Also, the TFOs’ untimed/infinite versions will also be disabled but the event TFOs will not have cooldowns. So will you find an honorable end as you fly into the face of certain doom? How many petaQs will you take with you, as the dread tyrant’s lighting turns your teammates into scorch marks? You’ll have plenty of chances to find out.

Pray that today is a good day to die, for you will not see another.

To Hell With Honor

by Advisorypanda

While PC captains are facing their own mortality, console captains will confront J’Ula and attempt to end her spurious sporulation spree. "To Hell with Honor" pits players against the temporally-displaced Klingon matriarch and her Elachi pawns, as they race to destroy House Mokai’s ship bases and mycelial rifts on the Beta Lankai moon. The TFO premiered with the 10th Anniversary Event on PC, and is finally making its way to XBox and PS4 from June 2nd through June 30th as its own To Hell with Honor event.

This will also be part of the Event Campaign II for consoles, with daily play netting captains 50 Event Campaign Progress and one Daily Progress. The R2-D...sorry, DOT-7 ground drone pet and kit module will unlock for all characters on an account after acquiring 14 Daily Event Progress, along with the usual 3 Featured TFO Boxes and 25,000 dilithium ore.

I hope you love Klingon Wagner and the smell of mycelium in the morning: smells like victory.

Khitomer Alliance Kit Arrives!

by Shane Hoover

The galaxy united to fight off the Iconians. Then it united again to defend itself against the Hur’q onslaught. And only recently that alliance came together to design the Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser. Now your Star Trek Online captain can proudly wear the uniform and the ship livery of the Khitomer Alliance. As announced via news blog this week, STO are freely giving away the new cross-faction Khitomer Alliance uniform and the new Khitomer Alliance vanity shield until June 16th. To see how you think the Alliance factions may have influenced the new uniform, Trek out the blog link in the show notes. Grab your free giveaway in the Promotions tab on PC now, and soon (TM) on Consoles.

Top Tip

by AdvisoryPanda

In an effort to lend a hand to new players --- or even surprise the most veteran captains in Star Trek Online -- here’s our top tip!

Control ship builds will frequently center around the Gravity Well ability, drawing enemy ships together to create a cascade of warp core breaches. However, some ship weapons do not play well with this tactic and should be avoided. The Dark Matter Quantum Torpedo and Omega Heavy Plasma Torpedo launchers will cause ships to disintegrate upon defeat, rather than detonate. Avoid these torpedos or your deliciously destructive chain reaction will be over before it begins.

Lucid Sight's Crypto Space Commander



Save 20%-Off of currency purchases (GFC) in game!

Good until June 13th, 2020