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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Feb 14, 2020

This week on Priority One --- Star Trek: Picard Showrunner answers some very specific questions about the show; ViacomCBS has big plans for the future of streaming; the 10th Anniversary celebrations continue for Star Trek Online; and we review the third episode of Star Trek: Picard: The End Is the Beginning… and of course, we wrap up our show with your feedback!

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This Weeks Community Questions Are:

CQ: What did you think of Michael Chabon’s video? Did he answer your big questions?


CQ: What did you think of the third episode of Star Trek Picard


by Shane Hoover

Michael Chabon Takes Questions

Star Trek: Picard writer, Michael Chabon, took to Instagram this week to respond to some of the more critical questions regarding the show’s first episodes.  A three minute video posted by the Pulitzer Prize winning author begins simply “You’re a Star Trek fan watching Star Trek: Picard. You have questions.” We’ll dive deeper into the contents of his video later during our On Screen segment. But let’s consider a couple of highlights. Fundamentally, Chabon’s comments seem to reinforce the idea that most complaints from viewers are not, in fact, oversights, but are deliberate choices made in the writing. The author further engaged with viewers who commented on the Instagram post itself. While many commenters on his post tried to convince Chabon to reveal story details, one of his replies sums up the reality, saying, “My friend, I would LOVE to tell you everything that’s coming, and let you down early about everything that isn’t, but you and I know that’s just not how the game is played. I didn’t invent the rules, and I’m not totally sure I even really understand them. I, for one, HATE surprises, but there it is. Stay tuned!” He also gave a simple reply to one viewer’s disappointment with Picard, saying “Sorry it’s not working for you! We tried our best. Fortunately there are a lot of other shows out there, and of course all the earlier Trek series are still there waiting for you

Bo Yeon Kim Interview

Star Trek: Discovery writer and producer, Bo Yeon Kim, sat down this week with local news channel Spectrum News in Southern California. Kim discussed her early life as the daughter of a diplomat, growing up in cities around the world, as well as the role of her Korean heritage in shaping the stories she tells. Having long questioned her own cultural identity, she says she now actively embraces her diversity as a source of creativity. She also wants to model that diversity for other writers, saying “I think one of the reasons why I am vocal on social media and I keep my Korean name, as opposed to having a more anglicized name, is because I want to show writers coming after me that you can write science fiction. You can write genre stories as a woman, as a person of color, as someone coming from an unusual background because this is the place to tell those kinds of stories.”

She also specifically credits the role diversity writing programs played in shaping her career. She found that these programs forced interactions and community building that helped get her writing into the right hands. She says that if she hadn’t applied for those programs, she wouldn’t be where she is today, about to become co-Showrunner of the forthcoming Section 31 Star Trek series featuring Michelle Yeoh.

ViacomCBS Plans New Streaming Service

Speaking of forthcoming Star Trek streaming shows, the newly merged media giant ViacomCBS has plans to roll out a new streaming service.  The new offering will combine the assets of their existing services like CBS: All Access, Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, Comedy Central and Paramount Pictures. The service is expected to be offered in both a premium ad-free version and a less expensive version with advertisements. CBS: All Access joined the streaming landscape in October 2014, bringing us the new Star Trek shows Discovery and Picard, as well as Short Treks. The new combined streaming service will likely also be home to Star Trek’s previously announced animated show in partnership with Nickelodeon. The service will also offer the big screen Star Trek properties held by Paramount Pictures. There are no details yet on how existing CBS All Access subscribers might transition to the new service.

Star Trek Online and Gaming News

by Anthony Cox

Star Trek Online’s 10th Anniversary Continues to Make Headlines

Star Trek has endured for almost 55 years, so to us trekkies and trekkers, Star Trek Online celebrating its 10th anniversary seems like a very small step towards what is sure to be a long tenure. However, in the gaming world, celebrating 10 years for a continuously running game is something of a small miracle. The gaming news media continues to showcase Cryptic’s accomplishments. This week pointed out, “In a decade when many licensed MMOs struggled and died… Cryptic Studios’ voyage to the final frontier has survived.

The interview with Star Trek Online’s lead designer, Al “Captain Gecko” Rivera, goes on to touch on all the reasons why Star Trek Online has thrived as an MMO. The main themes of the interview seemed to be planning and balancing. Whether that’s having a plan for future story content and then pivoting to a new plan, or balancing the needs of the many, the vast audience of all MMO games, with the few, or the one collective of Trek fans who also play video games. One thing is certain Rivera pointed out, “… that doesn’t mean we sacrifice story. Most of our missions could be episodes in the television show.” For a link to the full article, be sure to trek out the link in our show notes.

Admiralty Ships Can Now Be Claimed Automatically

Once a Captain gets that coveted promotion to Fleet Admiral they are put in command of an entire fleet of their starships. Unfortunately, without a slew of ship slots or a massive drydock, it’s tough to claim all your C-store ships. Especially if you start a new character. That is, until this past week. Players on both PC and console can now auto-claim their Admiralty cards by simply talking to the ship selection contact. Nearly all of your Admiralty cards will be added to your ship roster and ready for deployment. There is a short list of ships that were not able to be included in this system, so be sure to trek out our show notes.

STO Ship Artist Hector Ortiz Shares the 25th Century Crossfield Concept Design

The final four starships have been revealed in the 10th Anniversary Legendary Ship Bundle, which is now on sale in the C-store. The Temporal Operative Science Vessel, the Miracle Worker Multi-Mission Science Vessel, the Temporal Flight-Deck Carrier, and the Miracle Worker Light Cruiser. These are the Discovery, the Voyager, the Discovery era Enterprise, and the TOS Enterprise respectively. These ships of course come with all new stats and layouts, all previously associated consoles, mastery abilities, and traits, along with one new account unlock trait per ship and an exclusive visual variant. The TOS Enterprise features the Phase 2 concept variant, the Disco Enterprise features a John Eaves concept version, the Voyager comes with the Warship Voyager skin as seen in the episode, “Living Witness,” and the Discovery comes with a spectacular 25th century version of the Crossfield class. Trek out the show notes for all the starship details and a link to Star Trek Online ship concept artist Hector Ortiz’s twitter post sharing the concept art for that 25th century Discovery ship.

Even More Giveaways

Ambassador Kael wasn’t lying to us last week when he said more giveaways were coming. Several websites are giving away gold, silver, and bronze prize packs. The gold prizes include a T6 Valiant escort, T6 Andromeda Cruiser, a T6 Pathfinder Science vessel, 2 ship slots, 1 Caitian bridge officer, a Starfleet Racing Uniform, a pet Exocomp, and three in game titles; Voyager, Seeker, and Pathfinder, along with a real life limited edition Star Trek online anniversary badge. Silver prize winners that will get a T6 Europa-class Heavy Battlecruiser, and bronze prize winners who will receive a Federation Elite Starter Pack. For links to these websites and instructions on how to enter, trek out the show notes.

The Borg Resurgence Arrives on Console

Console Captains now have their third and final opportunity to gain campaign progress towards the the free tier six ship coupon. The Borg Resurgence event has arrived for Xbox One and Playstation 4 players. Completing any of the newly remastered Borg TFOs daily 14 times will reward you with the usual Featured TFO rewards and the Cyclic Modulation Ground Weaponry pack. Remember, these cycling weapons are great for completing ground energy type endeavors. As always, the zen buyout option is also available and will also grant campaign progress for the prorated amount. This event runs from now until March 5th.



Captains on PC can participate in a Bonus Marks weekend from now until Monday, February 17th. Then a Junior Officer weekend February 20th to the 24th. Followed by a Borg Red Alert weekend starting on February 27th.


Along with the Borg Resurgence event, console captains can also earn bonus marks this weekend. And then from February 20th to the 24th they can participate in a bonus experience weekend.


Join us for TFO Tuesday - each Tuesday we team up with other Armada members to earn marks and dilithium. 

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  • The House of Martok 2nd Tier V Colony on cooldown this week - unlocking the Dranuur Scout ship.