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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Oct 25, 2019

This week on Priority One --- Two Trek Actors are honored in Miami, Nichelle Nichols is the focus of her own documentary, and Food Replicators may be just around the corner. Then, we transport to Ticonderoga, NY for a tour of the Star Trek Original Series Set museum with James Cawley! In Star Trek Online, now might be the best time to pledge your allegiance to the Founders, and those going to Star Trek: Destination in Birmingham can get their game on!

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This Weeks Community Questions Are:

CQ: How have the actors or stories of Star Trek inspired you in your own life?

CQ: Do you plan on buying the new Star Trek Online Starter or Faction Packs? Why or Why not?

CQ: With the new changes to the Event Campaign for another T6 ship will you be playing daily to get your progression or do you plan on buying out any of the individual events?


by Shane Hoover

Two Discovery Actors Honored In Miami

Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp, the actors behind Star Trek Discovery’s on-screen couple, Hugh Culber and Paul Stamets, were honored last weekend by the National LGBTQ Task Force - Miami at it’s annual Gala. The honors were in recognition of the actors’ contributions to expanding the human rights of those in the LGBTQ community through their portrayal of the first openly gay couple in Star Trek’s television history. Speaking at the gala, Anthony Rapp said //QUOTE// Star Trek has always presented a vision of the future where the things that have divided us as people over the centuries – race, gender, sexual orientation, age, color, all of that – none of that matters in Starfleet. It’s solely about who you are as a human being and what you are inside that matters. //ENDQUOTE//

Mr. Cruz, who once himself worked for the task force was especially touched, saying //QUOTE// To be honored by the task force for my work as an actor and as an activist is incredibly moving to me. I know the hard work this organization does on the ground, in the grassroots, on the state level, on the city level, on the municipal level, so it’s incredibly moving.//ENDQUOTE//

The gala’s theme for the year was “50 Years of Fierce”, in honor of the five decades the national task force has been championing their community.

Nichelle Nichols Documentary Shines A Light On Her Work With NASA

It is no surprise to Star Trek fans that the great Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek’s original Uhura, has long been an icon and a hero to women and minorities around the world. But what you may find surprising is that in 1977, when NASA was on the cusp of the Space Shuttle program that would define decades of American space exploration, they turned to Nichelle Nichols for help in bringing greater diversity to the astronaut recruiting program. This story is the subject of a new documentary film titled “Woman In Motion”, currently screening at select film festivals. The film chronicles Ms. Nichols’ life, her challenges, and her pivotal role in convincing women, African-Americans, and other minorities that there could be a place for them in America’s space program. The film’s website features a trailer showcasing Star Trek legends like George Takei and Walter Koenig, celebrities like Pharrell Williams and Neil deGrasse Tyson, Nichelle herself, and several NASA astronauts. The website also provides a copy of Nichol’s report to NASA on the results of her team’s recruiting efforts.  According to the report, when the project began in February of 1977, from 1500 applications to the space program only 30 were minorities, and only 75 were women. At the completion of the recruitment push, the report states that some 8000 applications were received by NASA. Nearly 1500 of those were from women.

When this remarkable documentary is released to the public, you can bet we’ll let you know! Meanwhile, check out the project website yourself at WomanInMotionMovie.Com.

Star Trek Online and Gaming News

by Jake Morgan

Rejoin the Jem'Hadar Recruits!

Do you want to be a part of one of the most powerful military forces in the galaxy? Would you like to shed your need for sleep and food? Do you want to become chemically dependant on an isogenic enzyme and genetically altered to serve callous, shape-shifting overlords bent on galactic domination? Then have we got a deal for you!  Well, Star Trek Online does. The popular “Gamma Quadrant Recruitment Event” will be making its militaristic return,and with it comes a slew of goal-based perks and incentives!

Beginning October 24th and running through November 14th, NEWLY CREATED Dominion Captains will be designated, henceforth and always, “Gamma Recruits”. These new level 60 Jem’Hadar  characters will have the ability to unlock rewards for themselves - and for the WHOLE PLAYER ACCOUNT! With goals that include leveling to 65, Spending 90 Specialization Points, and reaching level 10 in 3 Admiralty trees; “Gamma recruits” will have the opportunity to unlock EC, Marks, XP Boosts, Starship traits, and Admiralty Cards - to name a few! There’s no better time to tear through the galaxy like a genetically altered reptilian-humanoid than NOW!

Defend the Kobayashi Maru to Earn another Free T6 Ship

If you told us that you thought now seemed like an odd time to run a “Gamma Quadrant Recruitment Event”, we’d commend you for your critical thinking - then we’d tell you to hold your horses!

Announced in conjunction with the Lifetime Subscription Sale and the “Gamma Quadrant Recruitment Event”, which are both scheduled to launch on October 24th,  the Star Trek Online team showed off the newest Dominion-themed Lifetime Subscription and Veteran perks! In addition to Jem’Hadar Veteran Uniforms, 1000 Day Veterans and Lifetime Subscribers will have access to the Jem’Hadar Veteran Ship - The Tier 6 Jem'Hadar Vanguard Heavy Destroyer.

According to the lore included in the Star Trek Online post, the new Heavy Destroyer was developed for Odo’s “Vanguard Fleet”, and as such uses the “Vanguard Wingman” mechanic. //QUOTE//Vanguard starships come included with two loyal Jem’Hadar ace pilots. These expert pilots fly their own Jem’Hadar Vanguard Raiders in formation with you, never straying far from your side.//END QUOTE//

With a layout of 4-forward and 3-aft weapon slots, the Heavy destroyer sports seating for one Commander Tactical, one Lt Commander Engineering/Command, a Lt Science, a Lt Commander Universal, and an Ensign Universal Bridge Officer, as well as 5 Tactical, 3 Engineering, and 2 Science console slots.

Speaking of console slots, the Jem'Hadar Vanguard Heavy Destroyer features the new Enhanced Dynamic Tactical System Console! This console, which provides passive critical severity and hull hit points, allows the user to swap between regenerative mode and tactical mode. While in Regenerative Mode, //QUOTE//your Tachyon Inversion Beam is enabled, which can siphon shields from multiple targets. Also, excess power is transferred to the Auxiliary System in this mode, and you’ll gain a bonus to Starship Shield Systems.//END QUOTE//.

Tactical mode, on the other hand, //QUOTE//transfers power to your Weapon Systems, and increases your ships Starship Targeting Systems skill, granting an Accuracy bonus. In Tactical Mode, the EDTS console enables a powerful multi-targeting Polaron Lotus, which is capable of piercing multiple targets. However, while in Tactical Mode, your Starship Shield Systems bonus, Auxiliary Power bonus and Tachyon Inversion Beam are disabled.//QUOTE//. Though the EDTS can ONLY be equipped on Heavy Destroyers, it CAN be equipped in any console slot.

Maxing your Jem’Hadar Heavy Destroyer to Tier 5 Mastery will grant you the Weapon System Synergy Starship Trait //QUOTE//your directed energy weapons will build 1 stack of Weapon System Synergy per cycle. Each stack provides a small boost to bonus Projectile damage and a small boost to Projectile shield penetration. This buff stacks up to 20 times. All stacks are removed when you fire a Projectile weapon.//END QUOTE//

Star Trek Online is coming to Birmingham, England!

If you plan on attending Star Trek: Destination Birmingham, be sure to keep an eye out for the Star Trek Online team!!! EU Design Lead Tim Davies, Lead Environment Artist Scot Boyd, and Community Manager Mike Fatum will be in Birmingham From October 25th to October 27th with BOFF codes, pins, and comm badges! Whether you meet at one of their panels, including the Friday, October 25th “Star Trek Online launches Awakening with Anthony Rapp” panel on the Voyager stage, or by visiting their booth on the floor, be sure to say hi.