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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Aug 9, 2019

Hello, Captains! You're listening to episode 425 of Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast - your weekly report from the Star Trek Multiverse! Recorded LIVE on throughout the 2019 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas Nevada. Available for download or streaming on Friday, August 9th at!

This week, we are delighted to share with you the second part of our recorded coverage of STLV 2019 that includes interviews with Rekha Sharma and the STO Team, Connor Trinneer, John de Lancie, and in gaming… Lucid-Light CTO Fazri Zubair sits down to talk with about how Crypto Currencies and Star Trek will meld in their game’s upcoming expansion.

Before we begin, I do need to take a moment to thank the folks that made this possible. For starters -- Thanks to our Patrons. Without their loyal support, we would not be able to produce the weekly content you’ve come to expect from Priority One. Remember, we offer perks to those of you that join the Priority One Patron family… so visit and find out about all the cool things we offer for your financial support.

Next up, a huge thanks to Mixed Dimensions --- Through their sponsorship, this year we were able to attend STLV and provide you with minute-by-minute coverage of the convention! From panels, to booths, to live-streams --- without their support, STLV would not have been possible this year.

IF you didn’t already Trek It Out…. I performed a LIVE unboxing of a hand-painted Galaxy Class starship with the help of Star Trek ONline’s Lead UI and Ship Artist - Thomas Marrone. Don’t miss it… We were even joined by the Delaney Sisters!!!

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We thank GamePrint and our Patrons for their support!

Now… without further ado... let's jump into Part 2 of Priority One’s coverage of STLV 2019!!