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Priority One: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast

Jul 12, 2019

This week, we’re Trekking Out Gersha Phillips design choices, and her redesign necessities, from  the Paley center. Then we’re reading from Vizzini’s rules of acquisition, appraising Star Trek, and redrawing Prime Ministers.

In Star Trek Online and gaming news, console captains get some free goodies and all three of the Discovery era lock boxes are returning to PC for a limited time. And Elijah has a few thoughts //cough//cough/// rant/// cough// about player retention!

Of course, as always, before we wrap up the show, we’ll open hailing frequencies for your incoming messages! 


How, if at all, did the Grand Nagus affect your opinion of the Ferengi?


Would you like to see random TFOs split into space and ground and all selections? With tiered incentives.

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by Jake Morgan

Gersha Phillips on Star Trek Design

This week, Star advertised the final days of Star Trek: Discovery’s Paley Center exhibit - Fight for the Future - by speaking with Costume Designer Gersha Phillips.

In the 4 minute, 43 second video, Phillips spoke about re-designing the Talosians “The Talosians were a really cool species that we got to do, reimagining them from the TOS and the Original Pilot. My first design, one of the notes I got from Alex [Kurtzman]was to try to look at the original things and revamp them. So I did my very first design, one of the notes that I got from Alex [Kurtzman] was to try to look at the original things and revamp them. So I did my very first design, and he actually threw back to me and said ‘Can I go a little bit further and do what you do?’

Star Trek’s costume designer also discussed the Red Angel suit, sighting Scarlett Johansen’s “Ghost in the Shell” costume as inspiration. She continued, saying “When we were given the task, Mario [Moreira] came up with this idea of the propellor wings that would push her through time [...] and we had this whole other idea where we were gonna build - it was gonna be a pod - and then the angel suit would come out of the pod. [...] When we were first given it, it was said that the suit was a thousand years in the future, and then it turned out to be a suit that her mom was wearing from the past

Wallace Shawn Remembers the Grand Nagus

Can you imagine the Ferengi without their Grand Nagus? The thought is inconceivable!  The capitalist species could have fallen victim to any number of classic blunders. The most famous of which is 'never get involved in a land war in Asia,' but only slightly less well known is...well, it doesn’t matter!

What we’re REALLY talking about is the incomparable Wallace Shawn, and his portrayal of Top-Ferengi - Grand Nagus Zek. This week, the 75 year old New York native sat down with Star to talk about his time on Deep Space Nine. Shawn told the site that he had never owned a television and only saw pieces of Star Trek: The Next Generation when in hotel rooms, but he was impressed ”I always thought, “Wow, the cinematography is so great and it's so interesting-looking, with these interesting-looking people and creatures.” So, when I was asked to do DS9, I was thrilled. I loved the idea.

Shawn also had kind words about Star Trek’s fans, telling “Star Trek fans are a particular group. They're very distinctive as people. There seem to be no evil Star Trek fans. They're a distinctly goodhearted group of people [...]. It's an interesting group of people.

Trek the Stars with “Antique Roadshow”

If you like history, reality TV, or are just REALLY jonesing for some new small screen Star Trek representation, PBS might have something for you.

This week, the long-running appraisal series - “Antique Roadshow” - is setting its sights on outer space. The episode, titled “Out of This World”, is part of PBS’ “Summer of Space” promotion, and will feature signed memorabilia from Emilia Earhart, John Glenn, and Neil Armstrong - as well as production pieces from Star Trek!

TV Guide’s description of season 23’s 19th episode reads “Space-themed treasures are featured, including NASA Space Program autographed photos; a 1737 celestial and terrestrial atlas; and a Star Trek treatment, script, and letters.

The Chicago Tribune also posted an interview with long-time “Antique Roadshow”  appraiser, Leila Dunbar.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier’s #SpockingFives

Sir Wilfrid Laurier...are you out of your VULCAN MIND?!?

Who is Sir Wilfrid Laurier, you may be asking?  Well, he is the first French-Canadian prime minister of the Dominion of Canada and the face of Canada’s Five Dollar Bill - and he is being transformed into our beloved Mr. Spock.

In a trend that is currently accompanying the hashtag SpockingFives, budding Canadian artists are drawing pointy ears, slanted eyebrows, and Star Fleet Deltas on the Canadian five dollar bill, turning the Former Prime Minister into a Vulcan first officer.

While the act is technically NOT illegal, the Bank of Canada warnsthere are important reasons why it should not be done. Writing on a bank note may interfere with the security features and reduces its lifespan. Markings on a note may also prevent it from being accepted in a transaction. Furthermore, the Bank of Canada feels that writing and markings on bank notes are inappropriate as they are a symbol of our country and a source of national pride.


by Anthony Cox

Free Pets & Master Keys for Console Players

Console captains can now claim the free Rise of Discovery pack in their respective game stores. Playstation Plus users can claim the free pack, which contains one Cobalt Combat Tardigrade, one Cobalt Covert Assault Drone Pet, and 3 Master Keys. Xbox One captains will receive a Verdant combat Tardigrade, a Verdant Assault Drone, and 3 Master keys also. There are no details on if and when this promotion will end, so be sure to grab your free pack today.

All Three Discovery Lock Boxes Return

If you’re still on the hunt for any of the Discovery era lock box ships, all three of the Discovery lock boxes have returned to the game on PC. The Discovery, Emperor’s, and Section 31 lock boxes will now randomly drop when defeating enemies. All three boxes are also available for free in both the Zen and Dilithium stores. These lock boxes will remain available until August 1st.

Lifetime Subscriptions On Sale!

If you’re not a lifetime member for Star Trek Online, now may be the time. Lifetime subscriptions are on sale for both PC and consoles. Save $100 off a Lifetime sub on PC or save 33% off the Lifetime subscription on consoles from now until August 1st. Trek out the show notes for a full list of all the perks that come with being a lifer.